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How Low Testosterone Impacts Women

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Few women know that their bodies produce testosterone naturally, and therefore they have no idea that low testosterone levels might be the underlying cause of their lowered mood, fatigue, or low libido. 

Like men, women have testosterone in their bodies, but in a smaller amount than what is considered normal for men. Female bodies need it to stay healthy and function properly because it regulates several systems. So, when their bodies fail to produce enough testosterone, they deal with low testosterone. 

Do women have testosterone?

Low testosterone in women is a real health issue that can cause debilitating symptoms as in men. Sadly, it’s rarely publicised, so most women don’t know what to expect. The main focus with women’s health is on the two female hormones: progesterone and oestrogen; testosterone is often overlooked or ignored. 

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Why do women need testosterone?

As previously stated, testosterone is essential to women’s wellness and health, but the key is balance – so high or low levels can trigger health issues.

The female body requires some level of testosterone for the next functions:

The androgen levels in women decline as they get older and tend to stabilize during menopause. But when they experience medical issues that affect their adrenal glands or ovaries, their testosterone levels may drop earlier, causing a series of issues. 

Symptoms of low testosterone in women

Even if low testosterone isn’t a broadly publicized health condition, its symptoms are easily identifiable. However, you need to see a specialist for extensive evaluation and a comprehensive blood test for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Some of the symptoms are disguised as signs of aging. Here are the most common ones. 

What factors trigger low testosterone in women?

The short answer is that a series of factors can cause low testosterone in women. There’s little research on what triggers low testosterone in women compared to testosterone imbalance in men, but researchers still identified some causes, such as the following. 

Some studies also suggest a genetic abnormality that prevents the natural production of DHEA and DHEA-S are crucial in producing testosterone in female bodies. 

Testosterone replacement therapy and its benefits

Your ovaries, adrenal glands, and other tissues and cells naturally produce androgens like testosterone throughout your body. If your doctor diagnoses you with low testosterone, they may recommend testosterone replacement therapy. Its goal is to restore testosterone levels to normal to alleviate your symptoms and improve your health. This method involves the use of testosterone injections. The treatment is similar to that the men dealing with low testosterone levels follow. According to your particular health condition, your doctor will decide if you should get a testosterone boost through injections or gels. Specialists state that injections are a better solution as they provide stable hormone levels and accurate doses. 

Besides injections, your doctor can also prescribe DHEA supplements to enhance testosterone production if you need a minor boost. 

Other ways to increase testosterone levels naturally in women

When your health condition doesn’t require hormone replacement therapy, your doctor may recommend some natural methods to increase your testosterone levels. Here are the most common natural ways to increase testosterone levels in women

As you get older, testosterone levels in your body may decrease, but supplementing and engaging in hormone replacement therapy can give you a generally better quality of life. 

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