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The Basic Makeover For Your Hands

Our hands are always on show but they are often the forgotten element in our beauty routine. We pamper our face with diligent skin care and disguise our flaws with make-up. But our hands? They are lucky if they get a bit of leftover moisturizer from the face and the occasional slick of varnish.

We notice each other’s hands almost unconsciously because hands are used so extensively in communication. What impression do you think your hands make? Do they convey a confident woman, or someone a bit unsure of herself? Is this woman a bit slap-dash and disorganized, or is she on top of things? Bitten nails or torn cuticles are a dead giveaway of someone unsure of themselves. Hands simply and well manicured suggest a woman who pays attention to details and organizes herself to get even the small things done.

Give a lift to your hands

Tomorrow you can send positive signals about yourself by giving yourself a quick manicure tonight.

 Hand and Nail Care Essentials

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