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Make-Up: Head To Toe


Get ready to transform yourself, the way you never looked before !

Choosing cosmetics for make-up, especially ones that suit and complement your skin is no indeed a tough task. Many women are wary of cosmetics because they are not sure which colours suit them or which make-up methods and textures are the most flattering. Good make-up hinges on experience: you learn what suits you by trial and error. Nobody wants to waste money. When applied skillfully make up enhances good features and detracts from the not-so-good. With practice anyone can achieve a natural look.

Points To Consider:

Why Use Make-Up?

Make make-up easy; there is not point choosing make up that requires a great deal of time to apply properly if you have a very busy lifestyles .

Striking A Perfect Complexion

Do not ignore foundation because you are afraid it will make you look over made-up, because of demand face bases are now so sheer that you cannot even see them on the skin. Easiest to use are tinted moisturizers which are just like regular face cream but with added colour. Compact foundations are also easy to apply these are a mixture of cream, colour and powder. Fluids foundations often now have tiny lightly reflective grains in them to enhance the look of older skin.

One important point to remember about foundation, is that you need to revise the shade in the summer and winter because your skin tone changes colour; it is much paler in winter than in the summer. You can buy shade adjusters to dilute or deepen face bases; one quick way to lighten fluid foundations is to mix it with your moisturizer and apply the two together, like tinted face cream.

There are a variety of face bases to choose from.

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