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Top Tips for Crafting the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot

By Kelsey Smith l Social Media Manager and Photographer,

A maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to capture the joy and excitement of pregnancy and celebrate the journey of motherhood.

Use natural light:

As mentioned earlier, natural light is the most flattering and beautiful light for pregnancy photography. It creates a soft and gentle glow that enhances the natural beauty of the expectant mother. Choose a location with plenty of natural light, such as a window or an outdoor setting. You can experiment with the time of day to get the best lighting conditions. Early morning or late afternoon are great times for soft and warm light, while midday light can be more harsh and unflattering.

Experiment with different poses:

There are many different poses you can try for pregnancy photography, depending on the expectant mother’s comfort level and body type. Encourage her to try different poses and angles to find the most flattering and comfortable position. For example, you can try a seated pose, standing pose or a lying down pose. You can also experiment with poses that showcase the belly, such as hands on the belly, cradling the belly, or standing sideways to show off the profile.

Keep it simple:

The focus of pregnancy photography should be on the expectant mother, so keep the background and props simple. A neutral or solid colored background can help to highlight the expectant mother’s beauty. You can also use simple props such as flowers, scarves, or blankets to add some texture and interest to the photos, but make sure they don’t distract from the main subject.

Focus on the belly:

The belly is the most obvious and beautiful sign of pregnancy, so make sure to capture it in your shots. You can experiment with different angles and poses to emphasize the belly. For example, you can take a close-up shot of the belly, or shoot from above to show the roundness of the belly.

Involve the partner or siblings:

Pregnancy is a special time for the whole family, so consider involving the partner or siblings in the photo shoot. This can make the photos even more meaningful and special. You can take shots of the partner kissing the belly or holding hands with the expectant mother. You can also take shots of siblings interacting with the belly or touching it gently.

Be creative:

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shots. You can experiment with different lighting, poses, and props to create unique and beautiful images. For example, you can use a mirror to create a reflection shot or use shadows to add depth and drama to the photos.

Capture the emotions:

Pregnancy is an emotional time, so try to capture the emotions of the expectant mother. You can focus on her expressions, or capture candid moments of her interacting with her partner or family. You can also take shots of her doing something she loves, such as reading a book or playing music, to showcase her personality and interests.

Have fun:

Finally, make sure to have fun during the photo shoot. Pregnancy is a beautiful and joyful time, so enjoy the experience and capture the beauty and joy of the moment. Encourage the expectant mother to relax, enjoy the experience, and be patient and flexible with her shots. Remember, the goal is to capture the moment’s beauty and create lasting memories for the family.

Why opt for a maternity shoot?

A maternity shoot is a special and meaningful way to celebrate and capture the beauty and joy of pregnancy. It’s a way to document this special time in a woman’s life and create lasting memories for her and her family. Maternity photo shoots can also be a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem and to help women feel beautiful and empowered during a time when their bodies are changing.

How to choose a maternity photographer?

When choosing a maternity photographer, it’s important to look for someone who has experience and expertise in this type of photography. Look for photographers who have a portfolio of maternity photos that you love, and who have good reviews and recommendations from previous clients. You’ll also want to consider their style and approach to maternity photography – do they prefer natural and candid shots or more posed and stylized images? Make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your photographer, as this can make a big difference in the success of your photo shoot.

When and how to go about a successful photo shoot?

The best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot is usually between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. This is when the belly is generally big enough to be a focal point in the photos, but not too uncomfortable for the expectant mother. You’ll want to plan the photo shoot at a time when you feel most comfortable and relaxed, and when you have plenty of energy. Make sure to discuss the details of the photo shoot with your photographer in advance, including location, timing, wardrobe, and any props or accessories you’d like to include.

Cost of a photo shoot?

The cost of a maternity photo shoot can vary depending on a number of factors, including the photographer’s experience and expertise, the length and complexity of the photo shoot, and the final deliverables (i.e. Digital files, prints, albums, etc.). Some photographers may charge a flat fee for the photo shoot, while others may charge by the hour or offer different packages with different pricing options. Make sure to discuss pricing and any additional costs or fees with your photographer upfront, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

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