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Meditation VS. Weight Loss: Understanding the Connection

Cannot deny the fact that we’re all stressed out, and it seems impossible to shake it off. Meditation as a tool helps in reducing the levels of stress hormones. Stress hormones such as cortisol signal our bodies to store calories as fat. If you have a ton of cortisol pumping through your system, it’s going to be hard to lose weight even if you’re making healthy choices.

A study published (2011) in the Journal of Obesity, took a small group of 47 overweight or obese women (with an average body mass index of 31.2) and gave half of the subjects a series of classes on mindfulness meditation techniques. These sessions included coaching on paying attention to sensations of hunger, food cravings, identifying emotional eating triggers, becoming aware of negative emotions, as well as advice on self-acceptance and forgiveness of others.

Practicing meditation may initially seem challenging but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Begin with five minutes as soon as you wake up to clear your mind before you face your busy day. Simply close your eyes and focus on the pattern of your breathing without trying to change it. Focus only on your breathing. If your mind wanders simply guide it back to your breathing. Once you are well-versed add 5 minutes slowly building up to 20 minutes daily. Feel free to sit or lie down, whatever feels most comfortable for you.

If you’ve been dieting and exercising but are constantly stressed, you might not be addressing the problem that’s keeping the weight on. To better deal with stress or eliminate it, you need to first understand what causes most of it in your life.

Regular Meditation practice leads to less anxiety, less eating in response to emotions and external food cues, as well as a greater awareness of bodily sensations. The Blood levels of cortisol lower with regular practice when compared with the nom practitioners Further leading to reductions in abdominal fat.

Meditation is just one tool in the entire weight-loss toolkit. Diet and exercise are an integral part of the equation too, and you will see the best results when you combine all three of them into a lifestyle that you can continue long-term.

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