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Fight Mental Stress by Suspending Judgement: National Women’s Health Special

In this hour of crisis and to lower one’s mental stress level, we need to suspend judgment… especially in our new reality of stay-at-home orders.

Positive Over Negative

Thoughts, both negative or positive lead to mixed feelings which lead to our behavior. Behaviors that showcase your strong leadership skills or display your lack of leadership. Rather than reacting with doubt, frustration, annoyance or criticism, suspend your judgment and choose to assume everyone is doing their best.

Assume Everyone is doing their Best be it your Family or Colleagues.

For example, if a colleague hasn’t returned your emails as quickly as you desire, rather than judging them about being disorganized, slow to take action, or avoiding you. Be considerate about their new routine, home-schooling responsibility or a family member or friend having taken ill.

To maintain optimum mental health suspend deriving judgment within your own family to adjust to the new situation. Note everyone’s definition of clean is not equal, nor attitude to invest their downtime. Rather than suggesting healthier ways or tips to increase efficiency, honor others choices. Trust me, it’s not easy, but will help establish a joyful relationship over one filled with frustration, misery or negativity.

Suspend Judgment Coming to your Own Self.

You too are learning to navigate in a new world you have never experienced before. You are learning how to be productive, focused and effective in an environment riddled with ambiguity. You’re learning how to lead and be present for others in a new high-tech, high-touch, but “don’t touch” environment.

Why not choose to be understanding, empathetic and compassionate rather than critical? Why not choose to assume that right now, everyone is doing their best?

In this time of pandemic, you’ll develop the invaluable, connected leadership skills of empathy, understanding and compassion. And who can’t use more of that right now?


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