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Adding Metallic to your wardrobe this season

Adding Metallic to your wardrobe this seasonMetals made a comeback this season on the Spring/Summer 2011

You can wear any metal-inspired piece to make your outfit on-trend. Mixing metals is no longer taboo, so don�t be afraid to layer your metallic pieces.

 Ways to add metallic to your wardrobe: 

  • Wear a tailored copper or pewter blazer over any neutral skirt- Gold adds value to dark brown skin and can be worn with no problem in the summer time, but stay away from �all gold� outfit. Mix it with white or beige clothing to reduce the glam effect. You can choose the simple way, add an gold accessory to your outfit and you will definitely look glam. In the evening combine it with black and with a smokey eyes makeup and you will undoubtedly come out of anonymity wherever you are- Look for metallic jackets. Think bomber jacket or blazer -- to amp up an otherwise basic look. A liquid gold blazer over a black blouse, skinny black jeans and black stilettos is sure to turn some heads. Limit yourself to this one metallic so you don't create visual confusion for admiring onlookers.


  • Pull out your favorite black jacket and pair it with a goldtone or silvertone skirt- Search boutiques and department stores for metallic dresses -- you'll love the wide array of colors. Look for golds and silvers for a classic approach, but feel free to try on a few colorful metallics, too, in vibrant colors. Keep the rest of your look toned down and neutral to avoid overdoing it -- competing with metallics just doesn't work. Wear your hair in a simple style like a slicked-back chignon, and opt for nude or black shoes. 

  • Spice up your casual look with metallic leggings-One of the latest fashion trends are the latex leggings. Latex leggings have been inspired from the glam rock outfits and they are taking the fashion world by storm. They are really great because they are tight around the legs therefore making them stand out. Wear latex leggings with a long tunic, a long, cropped T-shirt or a skirt that covers up your bottom.
    They should be worn with ballet shoes, high heals and boots only. Avoid wearing them with sneakers because you will look awkward.

  • Go head-to-toe bronze for an glittery evening out- Aim to subtly sparkle rather than dazzle onlookers with an outfit that glares. Crucially, the fact that head-to-toe metallic can make you look like an Oscar statuette at best, and a foil-wrapped turkey at worst, be careful.

  • Go for a metallic clutch if you really want to keep the metallic addition to your outfit as a barely-there nod to the trend. Opt for a belt, though, as a not-too-intense focal point. Wrap your waist in metallicized leather or an actual chain belt. Wear your belt over a black dress, black tights and black heels for a major pop of shine. Pair a thin metallic belt with jeans and a tucked-in cotton T-shirt for less drama and just as much style.

There�s a shade to suit almost every skin tone and it�s an easy look, especially for evenings, when you�re not quite sure whether the spring weather will hold.


- WF Team

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