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Moms: Play Your Way to Fitness

The need for leading a healthy, active lifestyle is indeed serious, but exercise can be play as well as work. Keep in mind that most sports and games require movement. You can think of the benefits of participating in or training for a sport as the three Fs, because you’ll often get faster and fitter-and you’ll have fun, too. Actually, there are five Fs. Many of these activities are ideal for families and friends to do together.

Play with a kid

Keeping up with children is a great way to mesh exercise with parenthood. When babies are small, parents move them and their paraphernalia all day. Carrying an infant, walking him or her when colic strikes, pushing a carriage and then a stroller, and even dealing with endless rounds of laundry keeps parents, especially moms, in motion. When children grow and become more self-reliant, parents take that as a cue to sit down and rest. Physical inactivity, however, takes its toll. If you think you are tired when babies and toddlers require constant attention and chores, it’s just a prelude to the constant lethargy you will feel if you take it too easy when your children get older. Being an active participant in life sets an excellent example for your children, and participating in sports together can be a treasured family bond.

Here are some ways you can spend quality active time with your children while you rev up your metabolism and have fun, too:

Many sports require power, which can be defined as a combination of strength and speed. Others require agility, which can be defined as nimbleness when starting, racquetball, and basketball require both power and agility. If you get involved in these sports, you should train to improve both.

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