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Top 10 Things to do After Morning Wake-Up

Invest your first hours of the day in top-priority activities. An early morning offers a fresh supply of willpower, and early risers tend to be more optimistic and ready to tackle challenging tasks.

For most of us morning routine comprises of open eyes, get up, move like a robot to the bathroom, dress up, and get out.

Top 10 Things to do every Morning to get the best of the day.

Welcome the Day

Your first thoughts and actions for the day are crucial. Don’t let them be something like “Oh, it’s so early!”. Instead, stretch for a minute or two before getting off the bed. Now, get up with a light smile on your face, peacefully and slowly make your bed(if you are alone).

That will make you grateful, and thus filled with thankfulness, peace and contentment.

Drink Water

The best way to start your day once you wake up every morning is to drink 24 ounces of water or a glass of hot water with lemon.
Drinking water in the morning helps you feel more alert, rehydrates your body, and kick-starts your metabolism.


Another productive and healthy thing you can do when you wake up early is to meditate. Some people find doing this hard. And it really can be overwhelming to try implementing a serious behavior like this in your day. If you are already following it, cool stick by it.

Building a new habit requires effort and commitment. Focus on just starting, then your daily action will become your priority (which is a super tiny step) and meanwhile, you give your best to stay consistent.


Imagine your body is a huge battery holding up energy. Shaking up your body will make it produce more energy. That’s what happens when you exercise. You create more energy and store it into your muscles. Not to mention that your brain also creates and delivers endorphins. This energy will benefit you throughout the day.

Think of Someone You Love–Intently

Imagine your loved one waking up and starting the morning with a smile. Keep that thought for a while. The mere thought of that person will lighten up your soul. It may even draw that person to you.

Learn A New Word Everyday

If you’re one of those early newspaper readers. Target learning a new word in your mother tongue daily. You may find yourself repeating that word during the day, or somehow stumbling upon it in a magazine or in a casual conversation.

Invest in Family Time

Successful people use the mornings to invest in family time, whether reading stories to the kids or cooking a big breakfast together. A financial planner in New York told shared that, unless she’s traveling, mornings are her special time with her young daughter. She helps her get dressed, make the bed, and occasionally they work on art projects together. They also make breakfast and sit around the table and chat about what’s going on. She calls those 45 minutes “the most precious time I have in a day.”

Connect with Your Spouse

Use the early hours of the morning to talk, have a cup of tea/coffee. For instance, a BlackRock executive and his wife commute from the suburbs into New York City every morning. They spend the hour-plus trip discussing their lives, finances, household to-do lists, and plans for the week.

Plan Your Day Before Climbing the Roller Coaster.

Plan your day, week, or month ahead for effective time-management to keep you on track when you’re in the thick of it. Use the mornings to do big-picture thinking to prioritize and set the trajectory of the day.

Quickly scan you inboxes for urgent messages that need an immediate response or craft a few important emails that call you better focus while your mind is fresh.

Have A Glass Of Natural Juice

Drink juice instead of your normal breakfast. This will bring more “freshness” to your morning routine and it will improve your health. Experiment for a while to find the type of juice that works best for you. Oranges and apples are a delicious mix. If you’re really adventurous, you may even replace your morning coffee with this glass of natural juice.

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