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Nail Educator Answers Top 5 Before Opting for Nail Art

Women Fitness gets in touch with Guin Deadman, LeChat Nails Educator, a nail tech for last 25 years and a salon owner for 17 years. She is also 2019 Nailpro Cup Champion. During Covid-19 there are are certain factors to keep in mind to avoid infection.

Guin answers Top 5 to keep in mind while opting for Nail Art Treatment.

Q. Should I opt for nail art during these times?

A. Yes! Absolutely! Always remember that due to extra time requirements for cleaning, your nail technician may not have time for complicated designs, but even a simple accent nail can make your set more special.

Q.Products I should be using and avoid?

A. All professional nail products are safe when used properly, always make sure your nail artist is properly trained. Avoid dipping powders that are being used directly from the jar—the powder should be placed in bowl with the excess discarded afterwards.

Q. Top 5 smart tips to make a right choice of a nail artist?


  1. Make sure they’re following all cleaning and disinfection protocols, don’t be afraid to ask about their practices.
  2. Are they helping you make an informed decision about you nail services, asking lifestyle questions and explaining why different products and nail styles will be best suited for you.
  3. Don’t cheap out, choose the best artist your budget allows, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to nails.
  4. Make appointments, and develop a relationship with your nail artist, your services will become more personalized as they get to know you.
  5. Use pictures for design inspiration, but don’t ask for exact match to photos, let them create their own artistic interpretation.

Q. Precautions to take while dealing with a nail experts?

A. Especially in current times it’s more important than ever to make sure your nail experts are following all cleaning and disinfectant requirements. You can view your state’s requirements online.

Q. Early sign of trouble and need to consult a doctor?

A. Do not go in for nail services if you have open wounds around your nails (it’s actually illegal for them to work on you if you have any open wounds). It should not be painful to get nail services, you should not leave salon with cuts or abrasions. If this happens find a new salon.

Allergies to nail products are not common, but always pay attention if you have burning or itching around nails after services. If you notice signs of infection around nail area seek medical attention.

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