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Mirror, Mirror: Natural Anti-Aging Strategies For Women Over 50

Natural Anti-Aging

Those approaching 50 years old may be young at heart but can’t say they are spring chickens any longer. However, aging is subjective and you really are as old (or young) as you feel. As far as cosmetics, aging women seek botox, plastic surgery, and other methods to keep them looking youthful.  Others exercise natural anti-aging strategies that are not as invasive and cheaper than cosmetic procedures.

Remember to Smile

Some people are naturally light-hearted and don’t need a specific reason to keep smiling.  Others may be prone to sour moods, but wearing a scowl makes one look a lot older.  A smile does the reverse; it makes one look immediately younger and activates muscles in the face that keeps skin from sagging and appearing aged.

Steal Youthfulness from the Young

Some experts believe we adopt a number of things from the company we keep.  Sharing time with younger adults and kids can keep one looking and feeling young.  If you don’t have kids in your immediate or extended family, volunteer your time at a local youth center.  Aside from ‘stealing’ the youth from the young, giving back to the community will keep you happy and smiling.

Exercise the Old-Fashioned Way

It seems like every few months there is a different kind of diet suggested in the news or a newfangled exercising fad that sweeps the nation.  However, experts suggest that old-fashioned attempts at exercise is best to keep people younger.  In addition to eating healthy, commit to low-impact exercise.  You don’t have to start out as if you’re training for the Olympic Games; commit to a five-minute walk the first day and increase the walk by a minute or two the next.  Try to do this for a series of days and see how you feel.  Of course, don’t start an intense exercise program without first consulting your doctor.

Invest Time in Yourself

Most people need to work through their fifties but don’t forget to allocate time for hobbies and things that make you happy and engaged.  That could mean painting, learning a new language, dining with friends, etc.  Many anti-aging cosmetics promise to provide that youthful glow but doing things that you love does the same.  There’s no substitute for feeling happy.  Being stressed with work, family duties, etc. leads to stress, which leads to wrinkles and looking and feeling much older.

Take Care of Yourself

Adults can be stubborn regarding formed bad habits.  For instance, a person who is still smoking at the age of 50 may assume they can’t break the habit or it’s too late to do anything about it.  Such notions are ridiculous, and even worse, detrimental to your health and how you look.  It’s never too late to halt the process of aging, whether that means quitting smoking, cutting back on eating red meat, getting to the gym more often, etc.

Treat Your Skin

There are hundreds of beauty product manufacturers that promise to help keep you looking younger, but what they keep from mentioning is you can do a lot more for your skin than the products.  Sunscreen, water, and a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fruits does wonders for your skin.  Sure, some people are blessed with great-looking skin, but those who stay looking tremendous into their later years most likely treat their skin with a balanced and healthy diet too.

Read Nutrition Books and Blogs

Nutrition is also a great friend when it comes to fighting your age.  For example, people begin to show signs of aging around the eyes. Sagging eyes can be combated with a whole food diet, one free of processed foods.  There is no excuse for not growing aware of nutrition.  Firstly, you can consult a nutritionist.  If you don’t feel like spending the money to do so, there is plenty of free information available at the library and on the Internet.  Don’t get overwhelmed; dedicate 30 minutes each week to learning how to eat healthier.

Find Funny Friends

They don’t have to make a living being comedians, but ‘funny’ friends help keep us smiling and looking young.  Plus, those who keep us laughing are likely to be good natured and free of drama.  Good friends introduce good times, but they also serve as a reminder to be kind to yourself.  Those who love themselves are better at staying young and looking great.

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