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Training The Core With P90X Style

P90X Style

One of the most important parts of any smart muscle-building program lies with strengthening your core. These exercises can improve the functioning of your body, especially your limbs, providing a bridge between your upper and lower body. Your core muscles help initiate movement throughout your body, so strengthening your core can help you to work out harder and more efficiently.

Warm-up includes kicking off with some head rolls, stretching out your chest. Then going into the tapas stretch, down in horse stance and arms swinging horizontally to the back. From there go into a static stretch, arm extended overhead and hip kicked out.Jogging on the spot. Marching, knees high. Back into jogging, and then jog with wide knees. Move into a high heels, kicking them into your butt, but not too angry or aggressive. From there surge majestically into jumping jacks. Then devolve into run lunges. Hang down to stretch your hamstrings. Then step forward with one foot and lean down over it to stretch out that leg. Do both legs, because you have two of them. Then stretch out your quads. And you’re done!

Core Synergistics combines a ton of different workouts, including the Squat X-Press, Walking Push-up, Superman Banana, Bow to Boat, Lunge etc

  1. Superman Banana: Lie down on your stomach and stretch your arms and legs out and up, arching your body upward, so that only your stomach touches the ground. To make it a bit harder, you flip on your back and do the opposite leg/arm motions. This move is the banana. Your back is the only part on the ground with your legs and arms stretched up and out from the ground. Start with a superman and hold it for about 15 seconds then flip over, without dropping your arms and legs flat on the ground, to the banana and hold that for 15 more seconds. Keep flipping back and forth, gradually increasing the rate at which you flip. Once you’re flipping over about every two seconds, finish your last rep and end with a superman, holding it for 30 seconds. If your legs are shaking, you’re doing it right.
  2. Banana Roll: Lie on floor with legs together, arms extended overhead, belly button pulled in toward spine. Keeping head between arms, slowly raise upper body and legs off floor to form a gentle banana-like curve. Hold for a slow 30 counts. Don’t hold your breath! Try to keep breathing steady and even. Concentrate on holding abs in.
  3. Lunge Kickbacks: Straight lunge down. Dig through that left heel or whichever leg is in front. Dig through that front leg and then transfer that weight forward. Squeeze the other side. So, straight down and up. Same thing other side. You come straight down in that lunge and then kick that back leg back, making sure that you really focus on squeezing your butt as you kick that leg back. So, take it straight down. Squeeze that butt.
  1. Alternating Legs Pushups: Assume the standard pushup position, with your back straight, arms straight and your hands and toes holding you above the ground. Slowly lower your body toward the ground as if you are doing a regular pushup. Push your body back up and bend one knee to bring your leg toward your chest. Return your leg back to the straight position and do another pushup. Bring your other knee up toward your chest then do another pushup. Finish by returning to your beginning position then jumping straight up to a standing position. Repeat the whole cycle a total of 10 to 15 times.
  2. Leaning Crescent Lunges:  Lean into a lunge, then lean forward to form a straight line from heel to fingertips, and reach forward and up like supermen. Go back up, and then lean out on other leg on a 45 degree angle. 
  3. Squat Run: Get into a staggered squat, holding light weights in your hands, and while crouched pump your arms as if sprinting.
  4. Sphinx Push-Ups: Lie down, forearms on the ground, and then do a push-up into a high plank. Lower yourself back down to your forearms, and keep going.
  5. Bow to Boat: Lie on your bellies, and grasp your ankles behind your back, head raised. Then switch to boat, which involves spinning onto your butt, legs extended high, hands reaching toward your feet.
  6. Low Lateral Skaters: Go into a deep sideways lunge and then shift your weight to the other side and lift your leg off the ground. Drift from side to side, always in deep lunge, raising your foot each time.
  7. Squat X-Press:  Get into a deep squat, light weights in hand, then rise into a standing position, arms flaring out to diagonally to form a capital ‘X’.

Always warm-up and cool down while trying out this workout.

Cool down by inhaling your arms up and then bringing them down with some chestt stretches. Proceed with some light jogging, some ballistic stretching, shaking your arms out, followed by some huggers. Follow that by stirring the pot, just hang down, holding your elbows, hanging side to side. Then move into a downward dog, pedaling your heels. Do some cat/cow stretching for your back, and finish off with some good quad stretches.

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