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Partner Yoga: Better Control & Movement

Yoga postures, of course few of them are dependent on two people showing up for one another and putting in equal effort. Doing yoga with your partner is one way of practicing communication with each other, since you have to be attentive to your partner’s body in each pose you do together. For many couples, it’s a way of deepening the connection between two people and being present with each other.

Yoga poses can be done anywhere. Check out the benefits of partner yoga

  1. Partner yoga allows you to make the most of each asana by opening up your body more deeply than when practicing yoga alone.
  2. Partner yoga helps improve alignment andbalance.
  3. The poses in partner yoga increases concentrationand alertness.
  4. Regular practice helps build trust and understanding between partners
  5. These poses help in teaching partners the concept of total surrender and helps deal with emotional issues such as security and attachment.
  6. Increase creativity of both partners.
  7. Increased feeling of awareness and compassion between partners.
  8. Enhances intimacy in emotional and sexual relationships.
  9. Allows a partner to see things from a different perspective.
  10. Added health benefits of a normal yoga practice such as improved fitness and stamina levels, calm mind, and a spiritual connection with the world around.
  11. Teaches both partners to relax and enjoy the moment. Partner yoga can be a happy humorous type of yoga that helps relieve stress and tension.
  12. Teaches both partners to deal with challenges and work as a team.

It is important to have a trained and certified yoga professional to help you with the poses of Partner Yoga. This will help in drawing out the maximum benefits from the pose without worrying about any side effects such as injuries.

Popular partner yoga poses include:

You can try these poses at home or gym under the guidance of an instructor. Partner poses are not only fun but also a great way to connect with your guy.

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