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5 Party Makeup Trends by Christina Flach

1- Extending Your Blush Beyond :

Apply your blush past the apples of your cheeks, in an upward ‘C’ shape just above your cheekbone and beyond your eye. This will not only highlight your eyes, but will also create a lifted ‘snatched’ effect.

Photo 1: via Fenty Sephora
Photo 2: via NYX

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna ‘Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush’ $24
Makeup by Mario ‘Soft Pop Blush Stick’ $30
Essence Makeup ‘Baby Got Blush’ $4.99

Best Products for ‘C’ Shaped Blush:

2- Asymmetric Chunky Eyeshadow :

In the Gen-Z era of intentionally taking blurred/unfocused photos and selfies, purposeful asymmetry has made its way into beauty trends. Rather than driving yourself mad trying to create perfect eyeliner like Adele, try a few carefree bold brushstrokes paired with mascara and lashes to tie your makeup look together and keep it a bit refined. When in doubt, think Julia Fox meets Picasso.

Photo 1: Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images via Allure
Photo 2: Getty Images / Randy Brooke via Byrdie

Best Products for Asymmetric Eyeshadow :

3- 1960s Cut Crease :

This EYEconic makeup trend from the 1960s is back! Not only is it fun to color outside your lash-line, but is also a great option for all of us with hooded eyes. Adding a black or colorful arc in eyeliner (or shadow) highlights and lifts our eyes in a dramatic and playful way. An absolute must-try for the upcoming holiday season.

I always like to start a cut crease with a layer of concealer on the lid and up to the brow bone. I prefer using a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. This way you get the brightness at the center of the lid. Any bright shadow you layer will really pop.

— Hayley Noel, Makeup Artist
Via @KimKardashian
Courtesy of Sam Visser/@samvissermakeupVIA VOGUE
Kulfi Green Eyeliner VIA Sephora
Filippo Fortis /

Best Products for Cut Crease:

4- Ombre Aura Lips :

Sunset multi-toned lips was one of the most eye-catching trends seen on the spring/summer 2024 runways. This trend is not only stunning, but is and perfect for anyone who can’t be bothered fussing over detailed eye makeup. Whether you go bold with contrasting tones and dark liner or a subtle two-toned gradience, this lip elevates and completes your evening party look with a perfect party pout! Blend and layer warm tones and metallics, or by subtly painting your lower lip a deeper tone than the upper. Keep it matte, or top it off with a coat of clear gloss for a shiny finish.

Photo 3: Via @claudiu.burca
Photo 1: Via Fash Limited
Photo 2: Via @Frenchofthetouch

Best Products for Ombre Lips:

5- Neon Eyeliner :

Whether you’re in the mood to line your waterline, reverse waterline, color block the corners, or the cut crease mentioned above, accentuate your eyes with neon eyeliner! Don’t have any colorful liner? Use your favorite neon eyeshadow using a thin flat-head brush and use as eyeliner. You can coat your shadow liner with vaseline or aquaphor to create a more glossy finish.

Photo 1: Saverio Marfia/Getty Imagesvia Allure
Photo 2: Via @Frenchofthetouch


A primer will always help longevity with makeup, so I recommend using it if you need the look to last for hours.

—Anthony Nguyen, Los Angeles-based celebrity and fashion makeup artist.
Photo 4: Victor Virgile / Getty Images via Elle

Best Neon Eyeliners:

Bio: Christina Flach is a celebrity hair and makeup artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. After starting her career, she founded her own makeup line, Pretty Girl Makeup, and she has worked with every major television network, celebrities, designers, department stores, magazines, and big name brands. In addition to her career as a makeup artist, Christina is a mother of 5, philanthropist, a Beauty Expert on NBC’s CA Live, Producer of the documentary The Sensitive Man Rising , is a guest on a variety of podcasts. Christina is represented by Ford Artists NYC, LA, & Miami, Zenobia and Brandi Moore Artists at the end of the article

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