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What exactly is Women Fitness Pay4clicks?

It’s the most cost-effective online advertising program that allows you to:

  • Get in touch with millions of potential customers across the world.

  • Put up your banner you want on website, FREE! No service or hosting fee.

  • Pay only for the actual number of clicks your banner gets from potential customers. Just 50 cents a click, you can have your banner ad seen on World’s premier Woman Health portal,, for as little as US$ 1000! Truly small budgets, but guaranteed to bring you big results!

How Pay4clicks works?

Step 1:
Choose your campaign title, i.e. give your advertising campaign a name for easy correspondence and records.

Step 2:
Choose from the pre-prescribed size and placement of advertisement banners for your advertisement campaign. Standard sizes are Side Toolbar (150 x 85), Bottom Toolbar (468 x 60) or Inline Text (350 x 75) this banner type contains no image.

Step 3:
Specify the category, details and text of your advertisement banner as you wish it to appear. Options are "Complete Site, Weightloss & Obesity, Fitness Tools & Analysis, Fitness Components, Women Fitness News, Women Fitness Yoga, Women Beauty, Healing Herbs, Fitness Articles & Top10, Healthy Recipes, Women Health Concern, Others".

Step 4:
Select the campaign display schedule, i.e.: the dates between which you wish to run your campaign.

Step 5:
Select your budget from minimum of 1000 US$ to maximum of 2500 US$, according to your choice.

Step 6:
Pay according to your selected budget.

Now your campaign is ready. Women Fitness team will contact you for final approval of your advertisement. After approval your campaign shall be activated and you will be provided with username and password to view your advertisement statistics. Now just login and you can check the statistics of your advertisement campaign online.
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Free Live Tracking

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