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Top 6 Key Benefits of Period Proof Underwear While Exercising

Going through your period cycle is a cause for celebration as this can define your natural ability to conceive. However, we cannot ignore the inconveniences that period cycles can present, particularly when exercising.

It is no wonder that some decide to skip exercising altogether, not because of the pain and discomfort, but the restrictions that can come with having a period while exercising. Period proof underwear can be the solution to exercising while on your monthly cycle.

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Top 6 key benefits of period proof underwear while exercising:

  1. Comfort

Exercising while on your period can be uncomfortable. A pad might constantly shift as you perform activities such as lunges and running. You then must constantly visit the ladies’ room to place it back into the correct position, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. Tampons run the risk of possibly slipping out and leaving you drenched. Period proof underwear, however, is comfortable in that these neither shift nor fall off. These fit snugly and all you have to do is concentrate on your workout session, leaving you feeling energetic and positive.

Pads can also feel and look bulky. This might force you to find alternative exercise outfits that can accommodate the pads. Period proof underwear, however, give you the freedom of wearing any fitness outfit you wish, be it a pair of short or tights.

A full gym session might finish with you constantly checking the mirror for stains. You can’t enjoy a session while in a state of constant self-consciousness, wondering whether the person behind you is awkwardly looking away for a reason. Period proof underwear eliminates this dreaded feeling because of its fully absorbent material. You can lunge, squat, and enjoy leg day without having to constantly worry about glancing in the mirror.

Exercising means having pressure placed on your abdomen, which means your period can flow heavier during your workout session. The heavier the flow, the higher the risk of leaking when you carry out a exercise that exerts abdominal pressure such as sit-ups. Experiencing leakage means having to discretely run to the changing room and changing into a new pair of underwear and exercise pants. By that time, you will probably be put off continuing and might abort the exercise mission. Period proof underwear won’t leak on you, even when you’re on your way to your twentieth sit-up. You can comfortably reach your milestone without having to change your whole outfit.

Wearing period panties means you get to experience aeration while you work out. When you sweat while wearing pads, you can experience much discomfort. This means having to change the pads and freshening up regularly during the exercise session. Power walking as an exercise might mean having to tend to an uncomfortable situation when you get home. Chances of you maintaining the motivation you had before heading out might be slim. Period proof underwear means you can continue your path with confidence.

Although there is no current scientific research linking period proof panties to cramping, many have stated that they felt less cramping while on their period compared to when wearing tampons. If cramping is one of the reasons why you stop exercising midway, you can try out period proof underwear and see if these make a difference. You can also look for other natural means of tackling period pain.

If you were to calculate how much you spend on sanitary wear in one year, you might be amazed at how much you could have saved if you had invested in period-proof underwear. Rather than throwing out sanitary wear after you’ve finished exercising, period proof underwear is simply washed and recycled, ready for the next exercise session. You no longer have to factor in sanitary wear in your monthly budget and can allocate that money to other financial priorities.


Wearing period proof underwear makes for a better exercising experience while on your period. Gym sessions no longer have to focus more on frequently checking mirrors for stains and leakages. You can concentrate on the milestones that you’ve set out to reach on that day.

Moreover, you can comfortably exercise in your home without having to constantly change your pads and outfits, which can lead to you becoming demotivated while exercising. Investing in a good underwear also means saving money since all you need to do is wash and recycle the underwear instead of constantly buying sanitary wear whenever your cycle comes around.

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