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Pilates: to Achieve Total Fitness

The system of strengthening and stretching exercises to develop the body’s core, mobilize the spine and build flexibility, developed by Joseph Pilates is in demand.

Joseph Pilates’ believed that “the mind moves the body” and therefore all Pilates exercise begin with proper alignment before movement. What is most important is to become aware of your body , so even if you fall out of alignment, you know how to bring yourself back. So the next time when you get on a bike, give a thought on how you body is positioned on it. Pilates practice can teach you how to achieve alignment before moving and to move consciously with body awareness.

Some benefits of Pilates training are as follows:

According to Anouke Pascale an  internationally known fitness and fashion model, plus a qualified Yoga and Pilates fitness expert “Women can achieve their health and fitness goals with Pilate training.” Pilates help create a lean body shape, helping you lose weight and keep it off. You will sculpt your body, keep yourself fit, and it can help solve back ache, back problems, correct your posture, help prevent osteoporosis, increase flexibility, increase energy, relieve stress, and develop body strength.

She continues: “To achieve total fitness, wellness and good health, often we need guidance, advice and support. As a fitness professional I offer consultancy services to help you realise  personal fitness goals.  Learn how to lose weight easily, use the right exercises to achieve your fitness goals, improve your nutrition, solve back pain , achieve a stronger, leaner body, feel energised, improve your core strength, learn weight loss secrets, diet advice etc”

Anouk Pascale’s passion:

Pilates is now my first love. I suppose it’s because – simply put – Pilates works! 

With Pilates, you will be amazed at how soon you start to see your body shape changing into an athletic, toned, streamlined and firm appearance – something most of you never thought possible but believe me it happens!  

Additionally your body will become strong and healthy with maximum flexibility and powerful core muscles . Your core is your ‘Power house’ the answer to preventing injuries of any kind , keeping you strong and giving you energy and confidence in your body once again. It truly does give outstanding results and changes in the body in matter of weeks! 

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