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Pole Dancing: for a sexy workout

Pole Dancing: for a sexy workout

Pole dancing exercise moves typically include climbing, hanging, spinning, swinging, and striking sexy poses on or around the pole. Working with a  pole tones the upper body,legs, and core, it can add variety to yourplatonic workout, while providing body support at the same time .

How to Choose a Pole

There are different kinds of pole available. A permanent pole is one which screws into the ceiling. The second choice is a removable  pole which is semi-permanent and is connected to the ceiling by tension. And thirdly, there is the podium  pole which does not fit from the floor to the ceiling, but is usually attached to a base.

Another great thing about pole dancing is that it helps so many women reconnect with their sexy side. Women are born to be feminine and sexy, yet so many ladies lose this quality when they become wives and mothers.

As a form of aerobic exercise, pole dancing can burn up to 250 calories per hour. It also increases flexibility, improves body awareness and posture, builds confidence, and strengthens muscles

Benefits of Pole Dancing

Fitness benefits are:


Note: Before starting with pole exercises remove any lotions from your body. Wipe down the pole. Make sure that the pole is secure. Warm up by performing rhythmic stretching movements, which include shoulder rolls and hip circles. 

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