Top Six most Beautiful Women Pole Vaulters in the World

Top six most beautiful women Pole Vaulters in the world
Top six most beautiful women Pole Vaulters in the world



Melanie Adams- (Australia): She was born on July 21, 1988 at Melbourne, Australia. This blonde beauty picked up pole-vaulting at the young age of 11. Since then, she’s won two national under-21 titles.

While there’s no denying her athletic abilities, the pole vaulting goddess is flying high in front of the camera as well! Heating up the blogosphere with some pretty scorching swimsuit pics, the model/athlete has said she hopes to one day compete in the Miss Universe pageant.Her personal best in the pole vault is 3.8 meters. She was a finalist in the 2006 Miss Teen Australia pageant . selected Melanie Adams who walked away with the title of Sexiest Athlete of the 2012 Olympics the same day of the Pole Vaulting Finals in London. Melanie beat out competition from Datya Klishina , the Russian Long Jumper who was voted second, and Leryn Franco, the Paraguay Javelin Thrower.

Shari Rock, Dirt's spokesperson says, We love watching all the beautiful competitors at the Olympics! We have never seen so many of our staff interested in watching Olympic Pole Vaulting at 2:30 Am in the morning as we have had this year.

Melanie was also cast in a guest spot for Kids Unlimited, a San Francisco-area TV show.

She's a pretty pole-vaulting Aussie with aspirations of one day becoming Miss Universe, so the sporting link is as tenuous as ever. Even so, we've long since stopped pretending you care about the sporting link or indeed the sporting words, which is why this last bit's simply line filler. Oh yes.

In a sport populated by bulky Eastern Bloc athletes with protrusions in their pants (and that's just the women), this attractive young Australian is a welcome addition to the world of running and jumping - and a welcome addition to the esteemed Page 42 canon.
She's Melanie Adams, a pole vaulter by trade - and, although that isn't instantly evident from the picture, you should have seen some of the shots we had to discard before settling on this one. Borderline smut, it was, with Miss Adams pouting and posturing in the type of attire that would never pass IOC muster, but which might make top-level athletics more appealing to the masses. In one shot, she appears to be carelessly spilling water down her sports brassičre; in another, she sits sprawled on the cinder track in a shot more appropriate for a top-rack title.

But that's what happens when the worlds of sport and glamour collide. Melanie Adams has aspirations to be Australia's next great model, following in the celebrated footsteps of Antipodean lovelies Elle ‘The Body' Macpherson and Kylie's sister. She reached the finals of Miss Teen Australia, but didn't actually win, and has been ‘placed' in the Bartercard Miss V8 Supercar Quest. We have no idea what that involved, and nor do we intend to find out because, well, you get the picture.

So is she any good at pole vaulting? Well that's not really the point of this page but, yes, she's alright. And on Page 42 (or whatever it is, these days), ‘alright' is ‘good enough'.

She's Australian, therefore born to sweat, and she's been vaulting since the age of 11. She has her sights set on the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and indeed on the 2012 London Olympics, and she looks up to the aboriginal Aussie Cathy Freeman and Tatiana Grigorieva, the Russian-Australian pole vaulter who won gold at the Commonwealth Games of 2002. Dabbling with the heptathlon, Adams broke her foot last year and was forced out of action for a while. But it's better now.

Away from sport and pouting, Melanie makes ends meet by working as a personal trainer. "To be healthy, you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water," she says. And, although she usually charges by the hour for such pearls, you can have that one for free. Inevitably, though, it all comes back to the modelling.

One day, she says, "I'd like to enter the Miss Universe pageant." Only there's a problem. "I'm hoping to build my profile, but it's hard when I'm in Melbourne and they (her modelling agency) are in Sydney."




Dated 08 December 2012