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Exercise Essential to Prevent Hip Fracture

Exercise is important for your health. Like muscles, your bones respond to exercise by becoming stronger.

As people age, the outer “cortical” layer of bone in a particular region the hipbone or upper femur become thinner, making the hip more prone to fracture. After 60 years of age, bone thickness in this zone falls by 6.4 percent per decade.

Regardless of whether the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis was present or not, thinning in the cortical layer impairs the femur’s ability to absorb energy, making it more likely to break.

Exercise suggestions include cycling, rowing, sculling, gymnastics and weights. Walking may not put sufficient training stress upon the femur, although it is good for other reasons.

To build and maintain your bone strength, there are two specific types of exercise you could try: weight bearing and resistance exercises.

Fracture prevention also requires prevention of falls.

Fracture prevention requires a combined attack on the risk factors for both falls and osteoporosis

Here are some examples to prevent falls:

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