Making Daily Food Choices

Variety in food is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choose foods everyday from each of the following food groups. Choose different foods from within the group, especially foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. WF has developed this guide as to help you make healthy choices according to the frequency of their consumption and serving size. To help you decide number of servings you need to lose or maintain weight you can ask help from our Team of experts or the dietitian.






Fats, oils and
sweets (and bars; chocolate; substitutes)
Fat-free mayonnaise, fat- free salad dressings

Sugar, hard candies, vegetable oils; olives; pickles; say sauce; low-fat mayonnaise; salad dressings; squeeze or tub margarines Butter; stick candy lard
Milk, Yogurt,

(Yogurt made and cheese whole milk; cream two to three cheese such servings) Swiss, or cream;
Skim or 1- percent milk; fat-free cheese; sour cream; fat-free cottage cheese; fat-free cream cheese, nonfat yogurt, frozen, fat-free desserts; sorbets Buttermilk; 2-percent milk; fat-free low-fat cheese; cream; low-fat cream cheese; part skim or low low-fat cottage cheese; low-fat yogurt; part-skim mozzarella; part-skim riccota, light ice cream, sherbert; puddings made with skim or low fat milk Whole milk; light sour with cheese; hard as cheddar, American; ice cheese cake
Fish, Meat, chicken Poultry, nuts, with skim; and eggs untrimmed (two to three lamb, or servings; most beefsteaks, roasts meats trimmed or lean and cooked veal rib; with no added pork loin fat) ham; liver meats; macadamia
All fresh fish, seafood, and shell-fish, tuna or salmon canned in water; chicken or turkey breast or drum stick without skin; lean ground chicken or turkey; low-fat poultry cold cuts beef to por eye of round sirloin, top loin, or tender-loin; 98 percent fat-free ground beef; pork tender- lion or loin; 98 percent fat free hot dogs; egg whites or egg substitutes Smoked fish; tuna or salmon canned in oil; chicken or turkey breast or drum-stick with skin; breaded and fried chicken or turkey nuggets; ground chicken or turkey; chicken or turkey roll; beef tip, bottom round, chuck arm pot roast flank, or T-bone steak; veal loin, pork loin (except blade); lamb sirloin, seeds and nuts (except macadam nuts); peanut butter Fried seafood; thigh or wing hot dogs; beef, pork, veal; or ribs; regular ground beef; ground veal; blade; bacon; bologna, salami; and other organ egg yolks; nuts
Vegetables high-fat (three to five butter, onion servings) potatoes Fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables; no-sodium or reduced-sodium vegetable juices; all varieties of legumes (beans and peas) Coleslaw; fried potato dishes; avocado (including guacamole); potato salad, vegetable juices Vegetables with sauces or rings; au gratin fried vegetables

(two to four servings)
All fresh, frozen, or canned fruit (with juice); 100-per- cent fruit juices Dried fruit; canned cranberry sauces; cranberry and other fruit cocktails
canned fruit in syrup;
fruit drinks that are low
in actual fruit juice
Bread, cereal, except rice, and pasta oil-popped or (6 to 11 servings) pastries; doughnuts; Whole-grain breads; bagels; English muffins; bread sticks; air popped popcorn; unsalted pretzels; rice cakes; corn tortillas; low-fatcrackers; rice; bulgur; couscous; kasha, pasta
(non egg enriched); most
whole-grain breakfast cereals (not heavily sweetened)
low-fat or non-fat waffles;
angel food cake
Biscuits; sweetened break-fast cereals; egg noodles, low-fat crackers; low-fat cookies such as fig bars; gingersnaps; graham crackers; pancakes; waffles Fried pies; cakes fat free); buttered stuffing; croissants; granola bars.