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Psychotherapy for Curing Anorexia

A trial has been held for the first time to measure the effects of psychotherapy on women with anorexia nervosa, considered to be one of the most fatal mental disorders, in a study called the Anorexia Nervosa Treatment of OutPatients (ANTOP). The study found that women whose anorexia isn’t too severe made significant progress in treatment on an out-patient basis, and continued to make strides even after their therapy was finished.

 Anorexia a lethal mental disorder characterized by emaciation, the intense fear of weight gain, poor self-esteem, and often depression as well as lack of menstruation in women.

The treatment involved the usage of three types of Psychotherapy

BMI had increased in all study groups (focal psychodynamic therapy 0·73 kg/m2, enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy 0·93 kg/m2, optimised treatment as usual 0·69 kg/m2). At 12-month follow-up, the mean gain in BMI had risen further (1·64 kg/m2, 1·30 kg/m2, and 1·22 kg/m2, respectively).

One thing obvious from these studies is the fact, that families can  greatly help anorexia patients in recovery. Parents and family play an active role in returning their teens to health by overseeing food and weight gain.

Do not shy away from seeking help.


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