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Puritii Water Filtration System: The Perfect Way To Have Clean Drinking Water

Puritii is a portable water filtration system that ensures clean drinking water while on the go. It is a technological breakthrough in water filtration for clean and safe drinking water. One Puritii filter can save over 3,000 plastic water bottles from landfills a year. The duo product comes without the cost, harmful toxins and negative effects on the environment of bottled and tap water.

Puritii Filter

A Technological Breakthrough In Filter Design

Many filters on the market target biological, chemical or emerging contaminants but they rarely filter out all three. The Puritii Water Filter uses a proven, proprietary two-part filtration process to filter out biological, chemical and emerging contaminants.


A two-step filtration process:

Puritii Bottle

It is made up of Tritan Plastic which is:

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