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Pursuing Perfect Brows

Pursuing Perfect Brows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the gutters that stop rain and other substances from falling straight down off the roof and into the windows. You don’t notice gutters on a house. Not when they’re in good repair, that is. When they start falling down and buckling and become scruffy and peeling, it’s hard to look at anything else.

An eyebrow brush should be in your make-up case to shape and control brows. If need be, use a dab of gel to coax them to stay in place.

A FEW weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know how to make her eyebrows look like the ones you see in magazines. You know those perfect arches! Well, magazines have this little thing called an air-brush. It makes just about any part of you look flawless. So readers, that explains the perfect brows. But I did do some digging to see what we can do to make our brows more presentable. Here are a few things that might not have been tried yet.

Drop The Years

Did it occur to you that the wrong shaped brows could add an additional five kilos and if that isn’t bad enough… an additional five years? If you aren’t convinced, take a trip to the market and do a little people watching. You will be amazed at the brows you will see!

No More Eyebrow Raising

The next time you are out, glance at a few foreheads. You will probably see a lot of horizontal lines, and it is something that can be prevented or at least slowed down. And how do you do this? Stop raising your eyebrows a few zillion times a day. This is simply a habit that can get out of hand.

And don’t go trying to create an arch when you don’t have one. You will end up with unnatural-looking brows and even worse… the arches could be different over each eye. Tidy up unruly hairs, but work with what you have.

Who Would Have Thought! 

Did you know that simply pulling a tight T-shirt over your head could ruin your eyebrows? Tiny hairs suddenly go in every direction. Get into the habit of grooming your brows with each make-up application. 

Big Brows

You can’t change them so think about tidying them up. Remove any hairs between the brows and those that are beneath but straggly. If they are sparse, fill in as directed above. Did you know that well-groomed brows can actually open up your face? It’s true and they can also help lift deep-set eyes or make small eyes look larger.

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