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Quick-Fixes For Your Waistline

Name any beauty treatment, from exfoliating to detoxification to massaging, and it’s a fairly safe bet that it can be of some use to the waist. A flabby waist can have countless different causes. Dietary factors can lead to bloating or water retention, as can hormonal issues surrounding your menstrual cycle or menopause, or just plain old middle-aged spread.

Shaving inches off your middle makes your clothes fit better and your curves more shapely – just ask the corset –wearing ladies of the 18th century. Thank goodness we’ve got a modern alternative to help us to achieve a slimmer-looking body.


If you haven’t the time or money for a salon treatment, here are some at-home tips to help shift that stubborn midriff fat:


Of course, it goes without saying that if you exercise regularly, your muscles will be bigger and have a better chance of showing up.

While controlled diet and regular exercise directs the body’s proportions, exercise is primarily responsible for carving off previously gained weight. Just as bacon fat will only liquefy at warmer temperatures, body fat can only come off the body with physical activity.

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