2012: the Year for Radical Hairstyles!

2012: the Year for Radical Hairstyles!In the upcoming year look forward to layers, razor cut bobs, and blunt bangs to freshen up for the season. This year will probably see the women adding a lot more layers and volume to the roots in their hair, letting bangs fall over foreheads in a wispy- and somewhat also long look that translates into a sexy framing of the face. If you just can not part with your long hair, remember that to get rid of the super-straight locks that were popular last year.

Looking incredible and appropriate for any occasion is essential, and hair speaks volumes about how one can carry oneself. There are a large number of salons and hair stylists bringing in new styles, and those who want to take a look at new styles by themselves will have to try to find easy to follow, step by step hairstyles and take a look at them out.

Center part is back

As the default hair parting for most women it seems somewhat silly to cite a centre hair part amongst 2012�s hairstyles. But bear with us. Hairstyle trends often have more than one element about them, and that�s the case with the centre part in 2012. Suited to all hair colors, the centre part aligns itself with two or 2012�s revival trends: �60s fashion and �70s fashion for spring / summer 2012.


2012: the Year for Radical Hairstyles!Double Hair Knot      

Styled by Orlando Pita for the Michael Kors catwalk. To capture the  interpretation of the double hair knot, the simplest of instructions are as follows:


  1. First, spritz the hair all over with a sea-salt spray (Orlando Pita used Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray)

  2. Next, scrunch the hair into bunches while drying to add waves and texture

  3. Pull a thick section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part

  4. Finally, take back two sections of hair and tie into a knot � then again into a double knot



Braided topknot

  • Tilt your head forwards.

  • As of step three you�re going to begin braiding, and you�re going to find it easier to achieve if your head is upside down � your arms won�t get as tired from the process, and you�ll find it easier to hold your hair.

  • Starting at the nape of your neck start braiding, with the braid traveling in the direction of the top of your head.

  • Notice that the braid here is raised. A regular (or �French�) braid sits flat to the head, but the raised (called an �inverted French braid� or a �Dutch braid�) is much more effective for the braided topknot style. To create a Dutch braid each added strand of hair needs to be woven under instead of over the other strands.

  • Continue braiding until you get to your forehead�s hair line.

  • You should now have a braid that runs up the back of your head with an end that sits atop your head. If you need to you can tie the end with a hair elastic. Once you�re more experienced you�ll be able to hold it with your hands.

  • Add in extra texture and more of a casual feeling, as desired, by gently pulling at the plait section of the braids.

  • Grab the end of the braid that sits atop your head and twist it into a small bun / knot. Mould it into a shape as neat or messy as you like, remembering that this style works well with plenty of texture and doesn�t need to be too polished.

  • Secure the bun / top knot in place with bobby pins selectively placed at its base..

  • Finally, finish with some hairspray to hold the style in place.


2012: the Year for Radical Hairstyles!Half up braided hair

  • Bottom half of your hair flowing free and the top half parted into two sections.

  • Begin by separating the top two sections with a deep side part � the side of your hair that you choose to part is up to you and will most likely work best if you select to part your hair as it naturally falls.

  • Next, take the larger of the two top sections and create a French braid along the head at a diagonal angle (e.g. from the part-line on the right side of the head back towards the left ear). Don�t keep the braid too close to the head � remember it�s meant to be a little textured and messy.

  • The braid should only reach about half way down the head, with the rest of the hair hanging loose. After you�ve braided your hair half way down, secure the end of the braid with several bobby pins, crossing them over to ensure they stay in place. Repeat with another French braid on the other side of the head, using up the smaller top section of hair.

  • You should now have a half up hairstyle with two braids along the top section. If it�s looking too neat, tousle up the braids with the fingers to loosen the whole look up and give it that effortlessly free-spirited feel. When you�re happy with the style give the whole head a light spray with some hairspray to keep it in place.


Bird�s nest bun

  1. First, apply liberal amounts of  mousse to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

  2. Blast with a hairdryer to dry the mousse into the hair.

  3. Pull the hair up into a very high ponytail on the top of the head.

  4. Divide the ponytail into several sections then tease each section with a comb, creating lots of volume and texture (it should look a little crazy right now so don�t be alarmed� it will soon be tamed!)

  5. Brush the ponytail out just a little bit to even out the texture, then wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a messy topknot.

  6. Secure with bobby pins all the way around.

  7. Finally, spray the hair with  hair spray.

  • Work in  Mousse all through the hair, then dry in.

  • Section off the hair to create some loose, semi-curls (they need to have bend, but not be fully curly). Start curling a few inches down from the roots.

  • Spray the hair with Spray to create a relaxed, beach texture.

  • Finally, blast the hair with a hair dryer to break it up.

 hairstyle courtesy: http://www.fashionising.com

- WF Team

Dated 17 December 2011

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