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Rainbow #Underlights: Instagram’s Latest Hair Obsession

The latest Rainbow Hair Trend has been all over Instagram and other social medias. Where some have taken up the task to get their hair dyed into a hidden rainbow to symbolize their compassion for the lives that were lost in the recent Orlando incident and as a tribute to the LGBTQ Community, there are others who are just following this new hair craze.

Rainbows are all about peace, love, and happiness, which perhaps explains why rainbow dye jobs have been going strong for so many years now.

So lets have a look at the various styles that you can set your Rainbow-colored Under Hair in:

1. Rainbow Top Knot:

Perhaps the most easy way to show off your newly colored hair is to tie it up in a top knot.

2. All Rolled Up

If you do not wish to show off all of it and catch too much attention, then you may go with this beautiful  and sober hairstyle.

3. Let It Down

If you are more like the natural types, then you can just let those rainbow tresses down and move around giving people slight glimpses of these lovely hidden hair.

4. Side-Braided

The next one on our list the super-cool side braid that looks really different and stylish.

Having given you these 4 looks that you can try out with your Hidden Rainbow Hair, you also must keep in mind the following facts about this hair trend.


  1. It is pretty high maintenance and generally the color fades away in a week or two weeks.

  2. Hence, it is recommended that users must get their roots re-bleached every four to six weeks.

  3. This hair trend requires a lot of time and patience as each strand has to be carefully colored so the sections wouldn’t bleed into each other.
  4. Lastly, the pricing (Which we all want to know!) is usually $250 SGD ($245 Australian dollars) and above.

So now you know it all to get started with your new rainbow #underlights!

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