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How Safe Is Sex During Pregnancy?

Sex in pregnancy is generally safe, with few complications, states a new primer for physicians to counsel patients wondering about sex in pregnancy, published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal,  Feb, 2011). The primer is based on current evidence.


During pregnancy, a woman’s hormonal and mental make-up undergoes a dramatic change. She becomes emotional and sometimes oversensitive. Hormonal and chemical changes prepare her for conception, pregnancy and childbearing. The awareness that she is pregnant creates new aspirations and sexual relations go down the priority ladder.

Risk Factors:

Sex is considered safe during all stages of a normal pregnancy. Of course, just because sex is safe during pregnancy doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily want to have it!  Common risk factors include:

How to make sex pleasurable during pregnancy

Sexual practices may not have to change during pregnancy. The movement and penetration of intercourse, in itself, won’t harm the baby. Your baby is protected by your abdomen and the muscular walls of the uterus. Your baby is also cushioned by the fluid in the amniotic sac.

Check out for yourself:

Some potential, but uncommon, risks of having sex while pregnant include premature labor, pelvic inflammatory disease, hemorrhage in placenta previa (when the placenta covers part of the cervix) and blood clots.
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