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Say ‘No’ To Diet Foods For A Lasting Weight loss

A wealth of new scientific evidence shines a critical light on the importance of natural foods and nutritional compounds in the fight against overweightobesity and weight maintenance.

A number of independent studies have concluded that blueberries, watermelon, red grapes, green tea  cocoa flavanols and many more foods exert a potent effect on fat cell formation that can aid in weight loss and management goals when included as part of your daily diet.

Go on to replace commercially prepared foods with natural whole foods. The diet foods  that seems like a “calorie bargain” — promising to satisfy your hunger while still remaining under a set calorie limit — may harbor hidden dangers. Many  of these foods contain MSG and other chemicals that affect the nervous system in a way which can over-stimulate the appetite, leaving you with the desire to overeat. The same is true for many snack foods advertised as “healthy”r “natural.” Diet sodas pose a similar danger, offering the lure of zero/low calories but causing a spike in blood sugar levels.

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