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Uncovering the Role of Scarves in Fashion

Have you tried this beautiful but practical accessory that can be worn for special events, nights out, office outfits or as part of a casual ensemble.

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of scarves, it is time you did. Probably the easiest and cheapest way to change the look of a whole outfit is with a scarf, whether it be a simple pocket handkerchief or a smart cravat at the neck, or a larger oblong of colour and texture to double up as a wrap. Let a patterned scarf be the centre of attention in an outfit. Provide the right back-drop of minimal fuss, colour and fabric contrasts, and no other pattern unless almost indistinguishable.

If you like wearing scarves, this can make a lovely addition to a black dress. Select a print or pattern that matches with the other additions to the dress and ensure that the scarf is of high quality, such as a silk scarf.

You can choose between a square or an oblong scarf. Squares provide many, many possibilities for filling a neckline (don’t forget they can act as a belt too). Oblongs are the best alternative if you want to have minimal fuss with maximum impact. They can be worn inside a jacket or wrapped around the neck or shoulder for drama. A long, lean oblong creates a slimming effect: good for fuller figures. If petite, be careful not to wear the very long versions or you’ll look like you are wearing a blanket. 

Cotton & Silk are the best choice for a scarf. It is light as any feather and speaks the universal language of fashion.
According to Tulika Nair “In summer you could wear it as a headband or a bandana, which will give you respite from the sun as well. If you want to wear a scarf as a headband, then choose one that is not very silky, as it may slip off your head. Make sure, it is long enough to cover your head though. Fold it completely, lengthwise and then place it on your head at a slight distance from the hairline. Now tie the ends of the scarf. Wearing a scarf as a bandana is a similar process, except instead of folding the scarf lengthwise, you will need to fold it diagonally to form a triangle.” A French knot is another preferred method for wearing scarves.

Alternatively, you can wear scarves with turtlenecks and sweaters in winter for adequate protection, along with a fashion statement. If you are going out, then take one of the longer scarves or stoles made of wool and drape it around the turtleneck you ought to be wearing. Alternatively, you could just let it loose around your neck or toss one end on to the other side. All you need to don this stylish look is a long scarf, fold it lengthwise into half and then hold it in such a manner that the loose ends are in one hand and the folded ends in the other. Now drape the scarf around your neck and slip the loose ends of the scarf through the folded end to create a knot.

Another look that women can try while experimenting with wearing scarves is to wear it as a shoulder shrug. Select a scarf that is both, long and wide. Hold the scarf behind your shoulders and drape them on the shoulders. Now take one end and wrap it across the front to reach the other shoulder and repeat it with the other end. Do not wrap the scarf tightly, instead keep it loosely draped.

For women blessed with a small waist, jazz up your look with a scarf tied around your waist. This can be a cute twist on a traditional belt and adds a splash of color in an unexpected place.

Scarves, are an elegant addition to your dressing up and can go a long way to provide you with a unique identity. Roll and pack it in your bag while travelling or drape it for a difference. It’s perfect for any traveler who needs a space-saving item of clothing with multiple uses.

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