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School Breakfast: Essential for Optimum Nutrition

All Schools to Celebrate “School Breakfast: Out of This World” Campaign, March 2-6. The celebration features special events, activities and menus to raise awareness of how healthy breakfast fuel students for success in the classroom and beyond.

Breakfast Leads to Better Performance

School meals have a significant impact on the nutritional lives of all children, especially low-income students who often eat both breakfast and lunch at school.

Researches show students who eat school breakfast perform better on standardized tests and have improved classroom behavior and attendance.
School breakfast plays a particularly significant role for children of food-insecure families, who depend on school meals as a key source of nutrition.

Research demonstrates that school breakfast consumption: 

School breakfast participation is also linked to: 

The new reimbursable meal requirements emphasize intake of,

As a result of these requirements, students are eating more fruits and vegetables and many schools are seeing increases in participation.

Breakfast Meal Requirements

As part of the USDA’s school meal pattern, school nutrition directors are required to serve certain items as part of each reimbursable meal. The required meal components for breakfast include the following:

These are daily requirements; weekly requirements vary by grade level.

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