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Screening Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer

Regular checkup and colon cancer screening is the best way to prevent colorectal cancer. Finding and removing colon polyps can help prevent colon cancer. 

Beginning in 1980, the American Cancer Society (ACS) first issued formal guidelines for CRC screening in average-risk adults. Since then, the ACS has periodically updated its CRC guidelines including adding recommendations for high-risk individuals in 1997.

The removal of precancerous lesions (polyps) during colonoscopy, has been shown to significantly reduce the chance of developing colorectal cancer.

Colon Cancer Screening for People at High Risk

People with the following risks should begin colon screening before age 50.

Specific recommendations for high-risk people are as follows:

People who have had surgery for colorectal cancer

People with a family history of familial adenomatous polyposis

People with inflammatory bowel disease


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