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Sexual Harmony: A Key Component of Sexual Fitness Program

With age some couples find it challenging to achieve a closer, more loving relationship with their partner which is a crucial component of an optimum sexual fitness program.

It’s difficult for sexual harmony to co-exist with,

Such barriers to communication must be addressed because they increasingly inhibit sexual feelings as we grow older and as our basic biological sexual urges diminish. If poor communication is a problem in a relationship, a couple should seek the help of a therapist to develop deeper levels of intimacy, love and understanding, and greater shared physical enjoyment. The reward can be a richer, fuller, more exciting life.

Even if  you are 50 or 60 years of age, you don’t need to worry. Research clearly shows that sex after 60 can actually be better than ever. Enjoyment can increase as partners continue to share love, life, fun, and intimacy throughout the years. The idea of having a full and rewarding sex life (even until we’re 100!) is, undoubtedly, appealing. Physicians, clinicians, and sex researchers know it is possible to ensure an active sex life, no matter how many birthdays we’ve had.

5 Tips to Build Long-lasting Sexual Health

1. Stay Healthy & Fit:

Staying healthy, fit, and vibrant not only makes us outwardly attractive and alluring to others, but helps us feel sexy, desirable, and confidant as well. That confidence creates “sexual energy,” a seductive charisma guaranteed to awaken a partner’s sexual interest. Don’t smoke, use alcohol moderately, control your blood pressure and weight, eat a well-balanced diet, get regular exercise and adequate rest. And remember, regular check-up visits to your physician must be an essential part of your sexual fitness program.

2. Think Young:

Keep your attitude and behavior youthful and playful, and watch you’ll be the person others are attracted to and want to know. You’re supposed to think about sex the same way you did when you were 20; you just might not think about it as often. Nonetheless, your personal approach to sex at 50 and beyond is supposed to be as titillating, erotic, and creative as it was when you were 25.

3. Good Sex Requires Some Planning: 

Let your imagination and your sense of sexual adventure lead you and your partner into a glorious world of new delights, sensations, and shared joys. When you run out of ideas, there are plenty of books and videos on the market to help you discover new ones.

4. Send Sex Messages:

Talk about your sex life and feelings with each other, to get your message across and let your desires be known. Sex therapists know that a good sexual relationship is greatly enhanced and ensured by an open, communicative, caring, and affectionate relationship.

5. Just Do It: 

Masters and Johnson, famous sex researchers, claim that continuing to have sex is the “cardinal rule for preserving sexual vigor beyond middle age.” Post-menopausal women who are sexually active have less shrinkage of the vagina and higher levels of naturally produced sex hormones than do sexually inactive women. Likewise, men who are sexually active as they pass through middle age and beyond maintain higher blood testosterone levels than those who stop having sex. The bottom line? Keep on doing it.

Catch up on these tips to achieve a closer bond with your partner.

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