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10 Different Skate Tricks You Can Master Easily

Skating tricks can be fun if you have a good balance and know-how to perform them well, however, without proper technique, you could end up sustaining severe injuries by attempting these tricks. Before you start doing tricks on wheels, it’s recommended you strengthen your basics and learn flat-ground tricks first.

Roller blades are more challenging to master than quad skates. So if you are a beginner, consider learning tricks on roller skates before you start learning tricks on blades. There are several skills you need to have before attempting complex skate tricks.

You should be well versed in setting off and break techniques before you start learning tricks.

Also, ensure you have the right gear before you start to do tricks on the blade. These include protective gear like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.


The heel-toe is one of the simplest tricks you can start with. This trick involves gliding along on the front toe of one of the blades and the back heel of the other.

To do this trick, you need to apply even balance on both skates and keep your feet scissored. Strengthen your front leg on the ground and leave only the heel of the other leg on the ground.

Flat Spin

This skating trick is one of the easiest tricks to master. It involves 180 or 360-degree spins. To perform the trick, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and twist your torso in the direction of the spin as you move forward. Ensure that your movements are slow and smooth while performing this trick.

Fish Tail

The trickiest part of performing the fishtail is that you first have to ensure optimal speed. Let your trailing skate wiggle to perform this trick effectively.

Shift the weight from one foot to the other to steer movement. It takes a bit of advanced training to perform the fishtail with perfection. However, once you master the fishtail, you will have no trouble performing it regularly.

Skating On One Foot

Though rollerblading on one foot sounds like a complex trick, it is relatively easy to master. Additionally, this trick helps improve balance.

When you start learning this trick, start with small steps and ensure that you practice the trick on both feet. While performing the trick, alternate your feet at regular intervals to ensure one foot does not sustain more strain than the other one.

Skating Backwards

It takes experience in skating to learn to skate backward effortlessly, meaning that this trick may not be as easy to learn. Experts recommend mastering simpler tricks that involve skating forward or sideways before learning to skate backward.

Additionally, you should also take safety precautions to ensure nobody gets hurt when you skate backward. Learn to look over your shoulder while skating to ensure you don’t injure anyone behind you.


This trick is popular among fitness enthusiasts who use skating as a fitness activity. To perform this trick, you will have to wiggle your body from side to side.

You may keep performing the trick by turning to either side alternatively. This is a relatively complicated trick that you should attempt only if you have a good balance. You need plenty of practice and reasonable control over your rollerblades to perform this trick.

Barrel Roll

To perform the barrel roll, perform circular motions with your skates on the ground. Use cones and markings on the ground to master the trick.

Once you get better, you can decrease the distance between marks. The chances of you getting injured while practicing the barrel roll is exceptionally high if you don’t have proper safety gear.


Wavers are good tricks, to begin with, if you are just starting out. To perform the waver, exert pressure on one foot and then pull it back rapidly. Keep repeating this process with your skates. As a skating beginner, you may find it challenging to maintain balance while performing the waver. You could also hurt your ankle if you don’t use top-quality skates with ankle support.

The Hockey Turn

The hockey turn is an advanced trick that only skating professionals and experienced skaters can perform. To do the hockey turn, place your right foot in a way so that it is in front while your left foot is in the back. It takes time to master the hockey turn with perfection.


This trick involves making sharp turns quickly using skates. While the crossover is a simple trick, you need good practice and training to perform it well.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to practice the trick in empty pavements, skate parks, or other vacant spaces. Sidewalks and trails are other good places to practice beginner-level and advanced skating tricks.

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