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Skincare tips that will help you get glowing skin in 2022.


Glow, baby, glow!

If we’re honest, most of us have probably spent the last few years with minimal makeup on our faces. Usually, this is something that many people would avoid at all costs because doing their makeup is something that makes them feel powerful and beautiful and covers over any imperfections that they might want to hide. But what if you felt powerful and beautiful with a bare face? The current trends in makeup and skincare all point to one thing: that a fresh and glowing complexion is the new perfect makeup. The idea of going makeup-free can be very daunting for a lot of people for many different reasons. We aren’t suggesting that you toss your makeup bag in the trash and go cold turkey, but a great skincare routine will feed your skin and give you a natural, makeup-free glow that is so great you might never want to touch a foundation brush again! Check out our list for the kind of beauty products essential to your routine and how to use them in the best way to get healthy, glowing skin.

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SPF Always

Yes, ALWAYS. Every single morning. Many day creams and foundations come with an SPF included in the bottle, but these are often very low. The minimum SPF you should have on your face at all times should be 30, but we prefer a 50. Even when you’re sitting indoors at your desk, harmful UV rays are bouncing in through your windows and taking a toll on your skin. If you have a skincare regime that includes an SPF of 30 or above in face cream or foundation, you’re ok without an extra one. But if you don’t, or you’re going foundation-free, you’ll need to purchase a non-oily daily SPF that doesn’t leave a white cast. Trialing these can be a lengthy process, but take your time and find the one that’s right for your skin; layer on your SPF after the rest of your skincare routine and before foundation.

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While you sleep, your face is rubbing against your pillow and potentially sweating a little bit, so cleansing the night’s dirt away is an essential start to every day and will keep your makeup on longer and to better effect than starting with an oily canvas. During the day, your skin is exposed to makeup which clogs pores, sweat, and all kinds of environmental factors that make cleansing before bedtime a necessity too. If you wear makeup, you’ll want to consider a makeup-removing cleanser or a special makeup remover to make sure that you get all traces of makeup off your face before beginning the rest of your skincare routine.


Since chemical exfoliators came onto the scene, physical exfoliators have been used less and less. The reason that we recommend a chemical exfoliator over a physical one is that physical exfoliators which are too rough, used too often, or used incorrectly, can cause micro-tears in your skin and actually do more harm than good. A chemical exfoliator is something like peel that would be applied more or less weekly. Choose your chemical exfoliator carefully and ask for help from professionals if you need it. If you are nervous, you can see a beauty professional who can apply it for you. Nothing gives you a glow like getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells!

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Our skin goes through a lot: exposure to pollutants, exposure to the sun, to ocean water or chlorine, and yes, to makeup. A good skincare routine without a hydrating serum and/ or moisturizer will fail you completely. Applying a serum or moisturizer only when your skin feels dry (much like drinking water only when you feel thirsty) is too little too late. We need to replenish the moisture that our skin loses every day to keep it supple, youthful, and glowing. Keep your skin barrier strong by moisturizing twice a day every day.

Care From The Inside Out

What you eat and drink shows up on your skin; if you’re eating lots of junk food and drinking lots of sugary, carbonated drinks, you can’t expect your skin to look pristine. We aren’t advising diets or restricted eating, just caution. Eating foods rich in antioxidants as well as lots of fresh fruit and veg will give you a glow from the inside out. Making sure that you drink enough water every day is also essential for skin health.

Wrap Up

Getting glowing skin won’t just happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, and caring for your skin properly for it to look its best. If you set aside a few minutes for your skin every morning and night, you’ll see results, and you won’t regret it!

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