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Ways To Keep Your Skin Safe During the Pandemic

As we’ve all been washing our hands several times a day during the pandemic, you might well have noticed that your skin is looking a bit redder and dryer than normal. Although we still support it, all that handwashing and use of hand sanitizer can take its toll on our skin, but that’s only if we’re not careful.

If you follow the right steps and treat your hands how you should, then you’re not only keeping your them clean but also reducing skin irritation.

Check your Handwashing Techniques

Here’s a good online guide for the correct way to wash your hands (how long and when, for example), but it’s also good to ensure you’re using quality liquid soap that is more focused on removing germs than providing a nice scent. Bar soap is okay, but you’ll need a soap dish that drains the excess water out.

Washing your hands with cold or lukewarm water is recommended for around 20 seconds. Don’t miss the backs of your hands, wrists, and in-between your fingers and thumbs as well. If there is no washroom available and you feel like you need to clean your hands, hand sanitizer is fine but don’t rely on it and always use one with at least 60% alcohol.

Stay Vigilant in Public Washrooms

When you’re in a public washroom, it’s a good idea to be careful about using the faucets, as someone before you could have left germs on the handles. Once you’ve worked hard to remove all the dirt and bacteria from your hands, you could eliminate all that effort if you touch the handle again with wet hands.

Be sure to use a paper towel to turn off the handle or even your elbow if in a pinch. This is why contactless faucets are so useful, but of course, not every public restroom has these. Keep up this habit even if you’re living in a house with several people, as you can’t assume that everyone has the same hygiene standards as you!

Be Careful when Cleaning your Home

Ensure that you’re wearing protective gloves when cleaning the home, not just because of the virus, but all the household chemicals you’ll likely be using. You don’t want all those things on your hands and skin during pandemic, so rubber gloves will be your best ally when cleaning.

Moisturize after Washing and at the end of the day

The best way to avoid having dry, cracked hands (which will let in bacteria more easily) is to use a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizer that will reduce skin irritation.

Consider having a bottle of quality hand cream in your bag, at home, and in the car, for example, so that there’s always one readily available. Applying moisturizer (one with ingredients like urea, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid are recommended) before going to bed is great to heal any skin damage while resting. You could also try wearing cotton gloves to prevent scratching or further harm to your hands overnight.

For more advice, check our tips for healthy, glowing skin.

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