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Top 5 Skincare Trends to Shine in 2017

Women who are in the lookout for new skin care products are bound to see the new year as another opportunity for self-improvement, including their appearance. All of us want to feel better about how we look, and that includes bringing out the glow on the face.

1. Retinoids and retinols are all set to rise in skincare:

Dermatologist are recommending the use of topical retinols from mid-twenty onwards. Differin 1% gel has just been FDA-approved to be sold over-the-counter. Differin is recommended as it walks the fine line of gently exfoliating without causing too much skin irritation. Most importantly, it’s very effective and has a strong following in terms of being a product favorite for my millennial patient base for both acne and anti-aging.

2. Laser galore to be on rise:

Procedures like this targeting skin care could be painful, expensive, or require a lot of downtime. But with technological advancements that minimize the drawbacks, more and more people around the country are going to start trying it out. Besides, tattoo application and removal is going to become, like application of cosmetics in 2017. This is possible with the likes of PicoSure, which uses laser treatment to get rid of even the most pigmented tattoos. So if you don’t want it, consider it gone.

3. Teledermatology, the next craze:

With the rise in this subspecialty of dermatology, you can now get a skincare prescription without ever leaving your couch. That’s what teledermatology has enabled thousands of people to do. This dermatology trend will grow in 2017 because it’s so convenient, especially for common skincare problems like acne that most people don’t want to go all the way to the doctors office for. All you do is take a few selfies, answer a few Q’s about your skin, and a dermatologist will prescribe an acne treatment protocol — which will then ship right to your door.

4. Plasma Injections For Hair Loss:

Hair loss can be devastating as you watch all your strands fall to the floor. You can rejoice in the existence of treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma injections, or PRP. It has recently been found that PRP has numerous applications in the skin, including as a treatment for hair loss. PRP is a process by which your blood is prepared in order to isolate the platelet rich plasma and your own body’s growth factors. These activated growth factors then can help regrow hair and prevent hair loss. The procedure involves drawing out one’s own blood and centrifuging it so that the plasma with platelets collects in the tube. This plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is very useful in tissue regeneration and healing. It is then injected on the scalp or rubbed on the scalp after performing a dermaroller treatment in the areas which suffer from hair loss.

5. Ingestible skincare aims to boost beauty in 2017:

Protein powders, tablets and drinkable supplement promise red carpet worthy hair, nails and skin. Research has shown that the bacteria in your gut interacts with your immune system, which leads to changes in your skin. Harmful bacteria in your gut can lead to inflammation—like redness, acne, and rosacea. There is a rise in recommendation of taking supplements like, The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens 300g Caddy. Using a topical probiotic is beneficial, as it offers a protective shield and triggers the production of natural moisturizers in the skin. Panasonic unveiled a prototype for a ‘smart mirror’, which diagnoses skin concerns and prints out 3D slivers of colour-matched make-up to mask your imperfections.

It looks like 2017 will be the year of the bizarre dermatological treatment, but also the year of treatments that work.

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