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How Does Skin Work?

Skin is the largest of all the body organs & the one of which you are most aware of. Women Fitness in its effort to help you understand your skin and its management, will provide you with all the essential information you must possess to achieve a lifelong nourished skin.

This water-proof covering and self-repairing body covering is a reflector of health and well-being.

Skin Structure




Protection against Chemicals, particles

Horny layer

Protection against Ultraviolet radiation

Melanocytes Langerhans cells, lymphocytes mononuclear phagocytes, mast cells

Protection against Antigens, haptens

Langerhans cells,
lymphocytes mononuclear phagocytes, mast cells

Protection against Microbes

Horny layer,
Langerhans cells mononuclear phagocytes, mast cells

Preservation of a balanced internal environment prevents loss of water, electrolytes and macromolecules

Horny layer

Shock absorber- Strong, yet elastic and compliant covering

Dermis and subcutaneous fat


Specialist nerve endings

Calorie reserve

Subcutaneous fat

Vitamin D synthesis


Temperature regulation

Blood vessels, Eccrine sweat glands

Lubrication and waterproofing

Sebaceous glands

Protecting and prising


Body odour

Apocrine sweat glands


Hair, nails


Source: Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine

Keratin, is the thickest of all body areas which is subjected to daily wear and tear. It prevents water loss and is impervious to many harmful chemicals and to bacteria. Melanin, at the same time acts as a natural sunscreen.

The Elastic tissue in the skin provide resilience. Although these tissues lose elasticity with age, causing skin to wrinkle. The fat layer beneath the dermis acts as insulator and cushion. Rather, this fat enables the skin to move especially in the areas such as face. Women Beauty health experts will help you in understanding and managing your skin for that lifelong glow. What you essentially need to follow is to take good care of your skin by protecting it from the harmful effect of sun and substances that irritate the skin. At the same time you need to follow a healthy balanced diet-which is the core to a healthy skin.

As we proceed, you will learn your skin type and how to take care of the same. Before you begin any beauty routine, it is essential that you carefully study your skin type and what the lines on your face have to say.

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