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5 Smart Food Switches To Make That Help You Lose Weight

To help you achieve your best body yet, here is a compilation of 5 simple food switches that can amp up your daily routine and trim your calorie intake and waist line down significantly. 

1. Fresh whole fruit (not dried packaged fruit)

Opting for apple slices or an orange is a much smarter option than opting for a package of dried cranberries or raisins. The whole fruit will not only fill you up, but is far more nutritious and nourishing, yet comes with less calories than their dried counterparts. 

2. Greek yogurt (not sour cream)

Adding a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt to your recipe, replacing sour cream, is a great tip to add some nutritious benefits to your meal without sacrificing any flavor. Not only is the texture the same, but you can save up to half the calories! 

3. Lettuce wrap (not burger bun)

Add an extra crunch to your burger by losing the bun! When you are ordering out, ask for the lettuce bun, here you are saving hundreds of calories and you will feel just as full because of the protein-packed meat patty. 

4. Veggie Sticks (Skip the chips!)

Cut up some veggies into sticks (peppers, cucumbers, celery make great options!) and enjoy with healthy dips. Skip the chips and avoid the extra calories and fat. 

A great option for a dip is an avocado salsa! 

5. Olive oil (Avoid creamy salad dressings)

Salad dressings are ladened with fat and calories. Drizzling any salad with moderate amounts of olive oil, salt & pepper is a much smarter choice. 

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