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How to Ignite Your Spiritual Health: An Interview with Kimberly Meredith

By Charlene Bazarian

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Is spiritual well-being really the key to optimal health? Can incorporating a spiritual practice into your daily routine give you a more positive mindset, while adding life to your years and perhaps even years to your life? Spirituality can impact your health and provide a true sense of purpose, improve, and strengthen your relationships, and increase your sense of happiness.

Charlene asked Kimberly Meredith, a spiritual teacher, one of the most in-demand medical intuitive healers in the United States, and author of the Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, to share some of her wisdom in creating a road map to a new dimension of healing and wellness.

What guidance would you suggest for people to help combat the external stress in their lives?

Avoiding stress is extremely important for your general health and well-being because stress lowers your immune system. My stress reduction tips would include.

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Can you give some examples of steps people can take to improve their mood and overall mental health?

There are many simple, mood boosting strategies that can impact your sense of wellness and happiness:

How would you suggest someone begin a daily meditation practice?

So many people struggle to sit quietly for any amount of time. Don’t make meditation difficult. Try to just breathe and focus.

You can meditate in any number of ways to find whatever feels right for you. You can walk and try to connect to whatever nature is around you.

Or you can sit in a quiet place, breathe deeply, and concentrate on words like peace, love, or God. Don’t struggle or judge yourself and don’t worry that you’re doing it wrong. Start where you are. Let your breath come in slow, steady inhalations as you contract your abdominal muscles at the same time.

As we breathe with our eyes closed, we enhance our mind and body, and the brain can go into heightened brain wave states.

You mention going into a higher state through meditation, and your book is entitled, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, how would you describe this higher state and how is it helpful?

Entering a higher state, or what I refer to as the Fifth Dimension, requires a different type of awareness.

Mastery over your thoughts is a prerequisite. This awareness is mindful of the synchronicities in life. Synchronicities are meaningful patterns of what we call coincidences. Instead of seeing events as simply happenstance, you begin to recognize them as spiritual guidance and accept that everything does truly happen for a reason.

Entering this heightened level of awareness allows you to let go of your emotional baggage, and no fear, suffering, anger, hostility, guilt, or separation exists there. This state is where complete healing can occur.

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What do you perceive as being common roadblocks to achieving physical and spiritual wellness?

There are so many commonalities in behaviors that block people from truly feeling well. In my book,Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, I address how high degrees of stress can trigger adrenal fatigue, raise cortisol levels, and ultimately cause exhaustion.

Many people have hormone imbalances which can be exacerbated by the foods they eat, many of which can contain estrogen. I also stress how important toxin-free water is to your health and vitality.

Healing comes through boosting of the immune system, so what you drink and feed your body plays an important role. Everything from avoiding drinking out of plastic containers, avoiding soy products, sleeping eight hours a day, and taking steps like using raw organic honey over traditional table sugar, can have a tremendous impact. There are so many things that are within our ability to improve our health and elevate our consciousness. I often discuss with my clients setting up a Lifestyle Healing Agreement, in which they strive to incorporate what elevates their health and spirit, as well as eliminating the toxins, foods, and behaviors that don’t.

Spiritual wellness is something I feel many people are craving as they search for a way to be at peace with themselves and the world around them.

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About Kimberly Meredith, visit her website at or you can pre-order a copy of her book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing, on Amazon. Follow Kimberly Meredith on Instagram @meredith.kimberly

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