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Hockey Player Ashley Hoffman’s 5 Stretches to Avoid Injury

Stretching each day can improve blood flow and keep the muscles energized and loose. Besides, a good hockey stretching program will help to increases your range of motion, which will help to gain swiftness, agility and puck handling skills.  Your skating speed is likely to improve, as stretching increases flexibility of the hips, groin, quads and hamstrings.

Regular practice of hockey stretches can help prevent injuries.

Ashley Hoffman, serving as current captain of the US Women’s National Hockey Team as primary position of defensive screen shares 5 Must-do Stretches to Avoid Injury in her interview on Women Fitness.

Glute Bridge:

World’s Greatest Stretch:

Pigeon Pose:

One Leg Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch:

Hamstring Pull:

Start working today towards a flexible body for higher performance in hockey.

Ashley Hoffman is also a member of the Become Uncommon team. Uncommon is a field hockey coaching group created and managed by three current U.S Women’s National Field Hockey Team players.

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