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New Must-Drink Healthy Summer Beverages to Add To Your Fridge And Beach Coolers

Summer 2021 is here and so are these non-alcoholic functional beverages from Caliwater (cactus water), Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha  (crafted primarily with honey instead of cane sugar and high in probiotics) and DAH! (india-inspired Lassi yogurt smoothie line with 15 billion probiotics per serving), are refreshing, must-have drinks we are excited to share, and filled with health benefits. All three feature ample health and wellness benefits to give you that ultimate summertime glow from a boosted immune system!

Caliwater is defined by a drive to create innovative, fresh functional beverages that connect us to the Earth and to one another. Inspired by the lush and varied landscapes of California, Founders Oliver Trevena (Actor/Host/Entrepreneur) and native Californian Vanessa Hudgens (Actress/Music Artist/Influencer and now Entrepreneur) looked to their own desert regions to locally source prickly pear cactus fruit, known for its rare and potent healthful properties. Their vision – to sip on Cali in a can. Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, known for its rare and potent healthful properties, is brought to life in their first, brand new, canned beverage product, which is not only delicious and organic, but super hydrating and refreshing, and filled with rare antioxidants and digestion benefits. For a fun summer twist pair Caliwater with some liquor, especially Tequila! 

The two flavors available right now via both their website and Amazon Prime delivery are Organic Wild Prickly Pear with Ginger & Lime and Organic Wild Prickly Pear. Also, for every can sold, 5 cents is donated (up to one million dollars) to the nonprofit No Kid Hungry. 

Benefits include: 

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Wild Tonic just released their latest seasonal special, Rosemary Lemon Jun Kombucha, in their iconic blue bottle. It’s a bright, herbaceous, yet easygoing flavor that’s perfect for savoring the sunny days of summer, smooth notes of lemon and honey, with the slightest pleasing pine rosemary bite. Brimming with the incredible  health benefits of jun kombucha the Rosemary Lemon is made with filtered water, honey, tea, raw jun culture, lemon juice, and rosemary. It’s also a great addition to any of your favorite summertime cocktails or mocktails.

What sets Wild Tonic apart from another kombucha on the market is It is crafted primarily with honey instead of cane sugar which produces a refreshing, delicate result, absent of a ‘vinegar’ bite common in traditional Kombucha. The initial brew of sustainably sourced tea and honey along with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is infused with organic fruits, herbs, and botanicals to create the signature smooth taste. Wild Tonic contains prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants, without any artificial flavorings or sulfites. 

Benefits of Lemon include: 

Benefits of Rosemary  include: 

Company founder, artist, and Master Brewer, Holly Lyman, is dedicated to a sustainable vision for the company. WILD TONIC supports organic farmers, and mindful brewing practices & partners with nonprofit organizations that focus efforts on bee conservation & the ecosystem: 

WILD TONIC Jun Kombucha Believes in Sustainability

DAH! (dah-hee), America’s #1 award-winning India-inspired yogurt, expanded its Lassi yogurt smoothie line with three new flavor profiles showcasing brand new packaging. Joining its signature Alphonso Mango and Plain, DAH!’s new flavors include Peach with Honey, Vanilla with Cardamom, and Strawberry with Mint, all available in a 32oz bottle. DAH! just rolled out this flavor expansion nationwide at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Market Basket, Safeway, HEB, Publix, Wegmans, Erewhon, Bristol Farms, and specialty grocery stores.

DAH!’s points of differentiation include “India-inspired, Slow-cultured, Real Fruit, and High-probiotic (with 15B probiotics per serving).” “India-Inspired” and “Slow-Cultured” reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most, if not all, modern-day yogurt brands. The result is a high-probiotic, richly-textured, intensely flavorful yogurt that is excellent for digestive health. As many leading competitors do not declare the actual probiotic count, DAH! remains committed to probiotic count transparency.  Fans of the brand include Padma Lakshmi, Chandrika Ravi, Rachel Hunter, Olivia Munn and more.

DAH! currently offers four impressive lines: Lassi Yogurt Smoothie, Dahi dairy yogurt, non-dairy Almond Yogurt and the recently introduced Oat+Almond+Coconut non-dairy yogurt. The dairy line consists of Lassi (the Hindi name for drinkable yogurt) in 32oz bottles available in flavors including Plain, Alphonso Mango, Strawberry with Mint, Vanilla with Cardamom, Peach with Honey, and whole milk Dahi dairy yogurt in a 32oz tub. The non-dairy line consists of two products, both available in a single-serve, 5.3oz cup format. The first line is an Almond Yogurt,  offered in  Plain, Madagascar Vanilla, Alphonso Mango, Field Strawberry, and Wild Blueberry; the second is the new Oat+Almond+Coconut blend offered in Blueberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Key Lime, Cherry Vanilla,  Vanilla, and Plain.

For more information about DAH! please visit and follow @dahlicious on social media.

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