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Tips for Summer Dressing

Tips for Summer Dressing

Seasonal variation inspires a completely different color palette each year. The factors that affect the collection are social trends, wear ability, whereby an appropriate usage is factored into the ‘look’, and innovation, which makes it break out of the clutter and stand out as a signature of the brand in that season.

Be prepared for alternating days of rain and sunshine in June, July, and August.

Then, once you have your whites, stock up on bright accessories – scarves, shoes, belts, necklaces, bracelets.

Bright accessories not only dress up basic white, but they distract the eye, drawing it away from what you may think are your “problem areas”.

Skin care for summer


To get your skin in its best shape, the mantra is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! For your face, choose water-based products that don’t promote acne and add a shimmer or a touch of color. There are many body moisturizers loaded with vitamins and other fun things such as glitter, or light-reflecting ingredients to make your skin look dewy and fresh. You may even want to indulge in self-tanning products easily available at the corner drugstore. Self-tanners provide a UV-free bronze, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you get the best results and with all moisturizers, year round, make sure you have at least SPF15 protection!


You may need an umbrella in early summer but you’ll only rarely need or want to wear anything beyond shorts and t-shirts most of the time. Cool, loose-fitting fabrics, caps or sun visors, and plenty of sunscreen are the order of the day. Dressing well and looking good will make you feel good and peaceful while working, which leads you to communicate well.

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