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Sun Sign Power Mental Health Boost

By Tara Sutphen, Psychic and Master Hypnotherapist

Mental well-being & response to the stress of every individual can be different. That said, with the help of astrology, here’s how stress impacts each zodiac sign.

Your Sun Sign & Mental Health

Aries don’t wallow in pity or believe in difficulties; claiming they were self-actualized at birth.

Taurus when troubled should get themselves in warm PJs, and curl up with a book. After a rest, they can find answers to obstacles better than any other sign. Being practical is a gift.

Gemini can communicate their feelings. They can write down some good quotes or advice when upset to guide them toward regaining their positive responses.

Cancer is soft-hearted, they feel many people lack feelings. The world is callous so they work hard at not taking things personally. As soon as they remember everybody loves them, they get right back on track.

Mental health and personal crisis idea as a tree shaped as a face losing leaves as an anxiety and human stress symbol with 3D illustration elements.

Leo was born courageous, there is no fear. Problems are little gnats and swatted away. As soon as they activate their charm, they cheer themselves and others right up.

Virgo runs deep and sometimes they try to fix the world along with themselves. It’s best to be easy on their mind, and know they are perfect, unlike the rest of the zodiac signs. They are great humans.

Libra must take their own best advice, they are always great at solving others’ problems. They are naturally gracious.

Scorpio can be sitting in the dark. They have been in quandaries before; they just need to remember their personal power and magnetism. 

Sagittarius is wise and understanding. They aim high for goals. They need to take the time to appreciate themselves, just like others do. 

Capricorn is steady and smart. A hot meal, small self-pep-talk, and they then have a practical solution; it puts them right on track. They are always winners.

Aquarius needs to daydream about the future. There is no time for past issues or quibbling. They are solving the problem now and moving toward Utopia.

Pisces are swimming either with the energetic flow or against it. If they take a moment to experience small things like smelling a fragrant flower or looking up at the sky, they begin to hear their inner voice and bask in appreciation.

About the author:

Tara Sutphen Cht is a Master in the Psychic Sciences: Automatic Writing, Hypnotism, Channeling, Sorcing, Palmistry, Psychometry, Handwriting Analysis, Esoteric Astrology, Shamanism, & Mysticism. She has authored “Blame It On Your Past Lives”, “Soul Agreements” “Abenda Writings” and “The Abenda Chronicles”, audio Mp3 series: Metaphysical meditations, Life-Force Activation series, Temple of the Mystics series, Zappers and Sleep programming.

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