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Survey Unveils Bedroom Sexual Habits

The new sexual habits survey brings exciting happenings behind the closed doors of couples and gives readers new ideas. The activities in other people’s bedrooms are always something of a mystery. Even if your girlfriends are totally open and honest about their turn-ons, even if you’re single and experimenting, even if you read Fifty Shades of Grey (all three of them), there’s no way of really knowing what’s typical of other people’s sexual habits. Thankfully, research can occasionally help provide a little glimpse and understanding into what’s really going on under other people’s sheets (and on your phone, you sext maniacs).

The folks at SKYN Condoms by LifeStyles conducted a survey of over 5,000 millennials (people aged 18 to 34 years old). And their blushingly specific personal questions allow for some hilarious conclusions妖id you know the majority of hamster owners have sex multiple times per week? But there are still plenty of fascinating cultural trends to parse from these results. Smartphones, for example, are a huge factor in our sex lives: 57 percent of millennials fessed up to sexting, 49 percent to sending naked photos, and 52 percent of those who use dating apps or sites have slept with someone they met online. Time to charge your phone!

What other exciting sex statistics did the survey reveal?

These will make for excellent conversation starters預t least at girls’ night out.

  1. The big O isn’t so elusive after all. Almost all millennials (93 percent) have at least one orgasm during sex. Of course, the rate is a bit higher for men, at 97 percent compared to women’s 89 percent, but still! That’s a major accomplishment. Part of that no-go 11 percent?
  2. We are pretty superficial. When asked what attributes people look for in a sexual partner, the most popular trait for both men and women was attractiveness. After that, women are looking for confidence while men are looking for playfulness.
  3. One-night stands are NBD. More than half (61 percent) of millennials have had a one-night romp in the sack. (Score the thrill of spontaneous casual sex in your relationship with these Steamy Sex Tips for a One-Night-Stand (with Your Man).)
  4. We all want to have sex with Adam Levine. The celebrities women most yearn for, in order, are Adam Levine, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Gosling. For men, it’s Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, and Emma Watson. Hey, we can all dream, right?
  5. You expect to get lucky on an online date. Of respondents who use online dating sites or apps, more than half bring a condom with them on a first date with an internet stranger. But it’s mostly men who bring protection曜ust 44 percent of females brought a condom on a first date with someone they met online. Regardless of what happens at the end of the night, we should still be listening to this New PSA That Encourages Women to Carry Condoms.
  6. You’re going to have way more sex in the future than you do now. It may have seemed like everyone in your freshman dorm was getting busy, but sexual frequency actually increases as you get older. Seventy-four percent of the oldest respondents (age 30 to 34) have sex at least once a week compared to 64 percent of the youngest (age 18 to 24). Almost half of married millennials have sex multiple times a week, compared to only 20 percent of singles.
  7. Your birthday is your luckiest day. Even more so than your wedding day! Seventy-nine percent of millennials have had birthday sex, but of those that are married, only 70 percent had sex on their wedding night.
  1. Everyone likes having their neck touched. Male millennials rated the neck as the most arousing place on their body (we’re guessing penis wasn’t an option?), while females ranked it second behind nipples.
  2. Yoga lovers are surprisingly buttoned up. The survey also asked about hobbies (including CrossFit, surfing, skateboarding, and playing video games), and yogis were the least likely group to have had a one-night stand. (That’s despite the fact that practicing yoga can help boost things in the bedroom.) They were also the least likely to masturbate. Insert joke about downward doggy style here.

Hope on reading this survey results, it gives our readers new ideas and make their sex life more spicy.

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