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Teen Pregnancy: How to Talk It Out with Your Child?

May is a special recognition time for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

According to the Campaign, teen pregnancy and birth rates in the United States have declined by 44 percent and 52 percent respectively since the peak year in 1991 and are now at record low levels.  

There is an increasing need to inform kids about trending the right path by providing them appropriate information in the time of need. 

Things to keep in mind before starting off,

How to Start,

As a parent and a close confidant, you can have honest conversations about birth control, especially as your kids grow older or if they ask questions about preventing pregnancy.

Research has shown that providing teens with open and factual discussions about sex and preventing pregnancy don’t encourage kids to have sex any earlier. In fact, they instead increase the chance that he/she will make more responsible decisions about taking care of the physical changes and protect themselves when they do eventually have sex.

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