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Teenage Obesity On Rise: Time To Take Action

Doctors recommend consistent exercise in combination with healthy eating as the best way for growing females to lose weight safely and keep it off.  Besides, gaining control over the body at a younger age helps  in future years when losing extra weight gets tougher.

According to research released by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, junk food ads on TV may be a major reason obesity rates continue to rise among 12-17 year-olds. The studies examined by researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago and University of Michigan concluded that 26% of TV ads seen by teens were for food products. The vast majority of these products contain high amounts of fat, sugar and sodium.

Teen girls can lose weight and have fun with a variety of aerobic exercise techniques, including dancing, tennis, football, volleyball and kickboxing.

Teens who watch more than two hours of junk food television ads a day had more fat than those who watch less, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Ways to Prevent Increase in Body Fat:

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