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Teenager Workout: What Should It Look Like?


An adolescent is an interesting category of the population because they are biologically growing and are still considered minors legally. Obesity is a health concern that had become an epidemic in America, and it cannot be overlooked. The most unfortunate indicator in examining adolescent obesity is that obese teenagers are 70% prone to becoming obese adults. Childhood obesity rates have also exploded in England and Wales, sending thousands children to hospitals for problems such as asthma, diabetes and sleep apnea. Admissions rocketed to 3,806 youngsters in 2009 from 872 in 2000, a study by Imperial College in London has discovered, with teenage girls accounting for the biggest increase.

In this age of video games, ipods, computer surfing, and any of the abundant media available to teens, it’s no wonder that teen obesity is on the rise.

Main Causes of Teen Obesity

Most experts point out that an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, coupled with poor nutrition choices, is contributing to the growing number of teens considered overweight or obese. Some factors that contribute to teens’ unhealthy weight gain include:

Exercise Input

No matter what sport teenagers do, whether it be track and field, soccer, baseball, football, you name it, they all require coordination, endurance, speed, and strength.

A teen interested in getting into better shape, can adopt any one of the following program. Before beginning this program, learn the movements and develop  coordination to prevent injury. Don’t forget to check with your doctor before doing anything!


Body part Exercise Number Sets Number Rep Tempo
Chest Push-up 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Chest Dumbbell flys 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Chest Dumbbell press 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Lats Pull-ups 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Lats Dumbbell rows 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Abs Crunches 3 8-15 1s up 1s dn
Biceps Sofa curls 3 8-15 2s up 2s dn
Triceps Db French press 3  8-15 2s up 2s dn

There are seven exercises you should do to work your pecs, lats, triceps, biceps and abs. Perform all these exercises in the order shown, then repeat the whole thing two more times so that you end up doing three sets of every exercise.

Teenagers need to be made aware about the significance of healthy eating and exercise, for present times and future.

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