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What is Telemedicine … and What Are the Pros and Cons for Women?


Medicine is getting more expensive as time proceeds, partly due to the advances being made in the medical industry. One such advance is telemedicine, an intriguing issue with serious contention in and out of the medical industry.

This article will look at what telemedicine is, plus the pros and cons it notably offers to women.


What is Telemedicine?

Traditional healthcare involves medical professionals providing medical care to patients personally in a physical facility such as a hospital or clinic. Technology has changed many ways in which patients can access, and professionals can provide healthcare.

Telemedicine is the provision of medical services using technology. Simply stated, telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services.

Telemedicine could include remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs or receiving a diagnosis via a consultation done on a video call. Any action that involves using technology to deliver and receive medical attention is considered telemedicine.

Doctors can deliver telemedicine in three main ways. The first is whereby a medical professional offers medical services to a patient in real-time via phone or computer, also known as synchronous telemedicine.

The second way is using recording information for further analysis by a medical professional. The recording and delivery of the data will be done using technology.

The third method is remote monitoring patients’ vital signs by a healthcare professional via digital transmission.  

Pros of Telemedicine for Women

Telemedicine has plenty of advantages, especially to women. Women face various medical issues that can incapacitate them, which don’t affect men.

The following are the benefits of using online doctors:

Save Money

A significant advantage of telemedicine for women is saving money on medical costs, which are currently astronomical. They will reduce the transportation costs of going to and from the hospital.

Many of the tests that had to be done manually can now be done virtually, saving women money. Some assistive devices like wheelchairs are unnecessary in telemedicine which further reduces costs.

Increased Access to Healthcare

Another benefit of telemedicine is that it increases access to healthcare. Those women who could not reach the physical location of a particular doctor can now access them via telemedicine.

Women can become healthier and fitter than before because they can get better advice using technology. They can take their health into their own hands.


You cannot beat the convenience of telemedicine. You are essentially getting expert medical help from the comfort of your home.

Telemedicine has grown very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. The ability to receive medical services when it is mandatory to stay home is fantastic.

Cons of Telemedicine

Everything that has an upside has a downside, including telemedicine. The following are the cons of telemedicine for women:

Security Concerns

As long as you are transmitting information online, there is a risk that it can be compromised. Therefore, the medical data women send from their homes to the doctor can be hacked and used maliciously, which is a serious concern.

In the case of a pregnant woman, the information of the mother and the child is at risk in telemedicine which is dangerous.

Insurance Coverage

Some health insurance policies will not cover telemedicine. Even though they might cover it, they may exclude some aspects of telemedicine.

The lack of coverage can significantly increase the cost of healthcare which is a daunting challenge.

Telemedicine Cannot perform not all Services Remotely

The fact is some medical services have to be delivered in person. Medical procedures such as surgeries also have to be done physically. Telemedicine has a long list of services that it cannot provide remotely.

Telemedicine, like many things, has its advantages and disadvantages, which are more than what is outlined above. Women can use telemedicine to their benefit when it suits them. However, they should also realize its shortcomings.

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