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The Go-anywhere Face Look

An easy-to-achieve look that converts from day to night

The most successfully made-up face has fundamentally a natural look. The go-anywhere face is quick, simple and easy to achieve, and it gives you confidence, because you know it looks good. Rely on the basic look during the day, then adapt for stunning evening effect.


Day Basics: For a base that lasts with the minimum of build up caused by retouching, go for a powder-cream compact foundation, and sponge-blend lightly over the skin. Try not to overload oily or crease-prone zones. Lift off excess from the hairline and jawline with the clean side of the sponge.

Night Extras: Foundation absorbs, settles and wears off in patches, depending on how dry your skin is. Tissue-blot your skin to absorb surface oiliness and get a more accurate picture of your base. Be selective with retouching: blending lightly with a clean sponge may be enough to redistribute foundation. Check shadows and blemishes with concealer. If you need to, apply a light layer of powder-cream foundation, or fluff over a loose translucent powder. Those with light reflecting pigments and a delicate peach or rose tinge give a soft, attractive evening glow.


Day Basics: Warm cheek apples and browbones with your regular, neutral powder blush.

Night Extras: Top up your daytime blush with a slightly brighter tone, high on the cheek domes. Buff the two together for a glowing finish.


Day Basics: Nude-look lids are obviously the easiest to build up later. If you feel “eyeless” without some colour, choose a neutral tone, such as soft beige, over lids with deeper brown definition next to the lashes. Apply a single coat of mascara.

Night Extras: The merest touch of a sheen shadow blended over the lid domes gives eyes sparkle. Retouch the lid line by re-blending existing colour with a cotton tip or clean sponge applicator, then adding a touch more if you need to. Strengthen your lashes with a second coat of mascara. To open up and glamorize eyes without looking too obvious, attach two or three separate false lashes to your natural lash base at the outer corners of your upper lids only.


Day Basics: Use a natural beige or lightened lipstick for an all-day ally that can be easily adapted. Make the lip contours as soft as possible.

Night Extras: Retouch or redefine your lip outline. Echo the blush effect on your lips – top up the basic tone with a more vibrant colour, but apply to the centre of your lips only. Alternatively, cleanse your lips, prime with foundation to blend with the surrounding skin and redo your lips with a bolder evening colour that will strengthen your entire look.

Go-Anywhere Face Tips


Convex (long-sighted) lenses magnify the eyes. Keep eye shadow colours cool and textures matt, and ensure your lashes are perfectly separated after applying mascara.

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